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Team Blipshift

BlipShift Track Team

Do you match revs when downshifting into the grocery store parking lot? Does your carpool mate always ask what you just said when you blurt out model names as notable cars go by? When your boss is lecturing you about “Getting on track” do you start thinking about hitting apexes? Yeah? Then you’re already on team blipshift. Now here’s your shirt.

Breakfast, Bowling, Lunch

Date: Saturday, July 20th
Attendees: John and Jackie Nicholls, Kurt and Karen Breitinger, Rudy and Patti Wilmoth,Larry and Rita Garner and Rita’s Mom Fay

Upon arriving at Golden Coral we spotted a Red Miata that didn’t look familiar so decided to check it out. As soon as we saw the dog seated in the passenger seat watching the world go by, we knew the car didn’t belong to a member.

Breitingers and Wilmoths arrived for breakfast which had all the customary breakfast fare and various varieties of French Toast. Banana Nut French with fruit topping was voted best.

Wilmoths departed for parts unknown and the rest headed for the bowling alley where we met up with the Garners and mom Fay who turned out to be quite the bowler.

After 2 hours and 2 games where the ladies taught the gents how it was done, we decided we were ready for more food and headed to Reinhardts for an outside lunch of various seafood. And a good time was had by all.

WRX wrecks Rex


Last time your crew played a game of tag, things didn’t go so well for Rex. Yeah, he’s big, strong and has got power in the back (his breath kinda stinks too), but he all he does is go straight. When you’re playing in the woods, you gotta have grip like you in your WRX.

Kids Need Bullying

Jerry Seinfeld drives Chris Rock to get some coffee in a 1969 Lamborghini P400S Miura.

1969 Lamborghini P400S Miura
Watch it!

Tubing Thursday

Racing The Rock: 6 Days at Targa Newfoundland

The folks at Flyin’ Miata took a couple Miatas, prepped them, and then entered them in the Targa Newfoundland in 2011. The first minute or so of this preview made me want to find a way to go out and just enter this event. It was cheaper and easier, but no less exciting, to buy the DVD, so that’s what I did. If you would like to borrow it, let me know and I’ll bring it the next event.