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June Meeting Minutes

When: June 6, 2013
Where: Villa Europa in Augusta
Who: Dennis and Karol Mason, Bill and Bonnie Bough, Patti and Rudy Wilmoth, Dave Winkler and Kurt Breitenger.
Treasurer’s Report: March Balance: $1144.00 (1 Club pin was sold for +$12.00)

Old Business:

  • Nothing new about name tags yet. I am going to get information and try to have it for the next meeting.

New Business:

  • No one volunteered to lead the breakfast on June 16th, so it was dropped from the calendar. Stacey Timmerman had sent me an Email to remind members of the Peach Festival in Trenton on the 16th.
  • July 3rd will be the fireworks at Fort Gordon, and we will be attending. The meeting place for those going to the fireworks will be the Cracker Barrel on Belair Rd at 6:45 PM The usual stuff will be there, food, amusement rides and the Band this year will be the Swinging Medallions.
  • The July meeting will be held on the 11th and will be at the Ryans buffet in North Augusta at 6:30 PM. Since there was not enough members for election of officers at the June meeting, we will have the elections at this meeting.
  • The July 20th Breakfast was not discussed and is open.

Respectfully submitted:
Rudy Wilmoth
Club President and
Acting Club Secretary

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