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8:00 am June Breakfast (& Trenton Peach ... @ Airport Grill
June Breakfast (& Trenton Peach ... @ Airport Grill
Jun 15 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Where: Airport Grill – map Stacey has signed us up to do the parade, but our participation is optional. Come out for breakfast and we’ll take a poll of folks who might want to drive[...]

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No Lipsticks for Nuns

Jerry Seinfeld drives Gad Elmaleh (the French Jerry Seinfeld) to get some coffee in a 1950 Citroen 2CV. Très bien!

1950 Citroen 2CV
Watch it!

Tubing Thursday

If the Miata didn’t exist and you wanted a fun, inexpensive, rear wheel drive sports car you would probably have a Scion FR-S or a Subaru BRZ (I know I would.) Here is a comparison test between the Miata and one of the Toybaru Twins:


“The Scion plays one note really, really well, but the Miata can play Vivaldi!”

T-Shirt Tuesday

The Grandcarther


Every once in a while you hear about those ass-kicking grandpas who wrestle wild boars for morning calisthenics and chew gravel to clean their teeth. We can’t all be lucky enough to have those genes but if your ride descended from a 22B, you’ll make even the baddest grandcarther proud.

I Like Kettlecorn

Jerry Seinfeld drives David Letterman to get some coffee in a 1995 Volvo 960 station wagon.*

1995 Volvo 960 Station Wagon
Watch it!


*It has a supercharged small block V8 and was built for Dave by Paul Newman

Lotta Miata


683 Mazda MX-5s Gathered For A New World Record