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10 Years Ago – April 2003

Walter Mitty Races

Date: Saturday, April 26, 2003
Time: 7:45 AM
Place: Cracker Barrel
Members Attending: Kurt Breitinger, Lee Davis, John Haff and Dave Winkler..

We did just 2 parade laps, but got to see some neat cars, and some good racing. The featured marquee was Jaguar. As such they had a display of both old and new cars.

Jaguar also brought some of their new XJ series cars, including the XJR to drive at speed around a small test track. John, Dave and Kurt were all impressed by how well these luxury cars handled. John was the only one to try “off-roading” in his test car. Dave and Kurt decided to keep their cars on the pavement.

It was a great day, with great Miata weather.

– Kurt

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