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10 Years Ago – April 2003

Walter Mitty Races

Date: Saturday, April 26, 2003
Time: 7:45 AM
Place: Cracker Barrel
Members Attending: Kurt Breitinger, Lee Davis, John Haff and Dave Winkler..

We did just 2 parade laps, but got to see some neat cars, and some good racing. The featured marquee was Jaguar. As such they had a display of both old and new cars.

Jaguar also brought some of their new XJ series cars, including the XJR to drive at speed around a small test track. John, Dave and Kurt were all impressed by how well these luxury cars handled. John was the only one to try “off-roading” in his test car. Dave and Kurt decided to keep their cars on the pavement.

It was a great day, with great Miata weather.

– Kurt

April Dinner Meeting Minutes

When: April 4, 2013
Where: Noodle House downtown Augusta
Who: Kurt & Karen Britenger, Dave Winkler, and Rudy & Patti Wilmoth
Treasurer’s Report: No treasurer report available, should not have changed from our last report. ($1,132.00)

Old Business:

  • None

New Business:

  • Kurt apologized, but Tech Day had to be moved to Saturday, May 18th.
  • The next meeting will be at Pizza di Napoli in Aiken on Thursday, May 2nd.

Respectfully submitted:
Patti Wilmoth
Acting Club Secretary

A Day at the Races

Rudy Wilmoth was sitting in his Miata waiting on us when we arrived at the Burger King parking lot. The outside of his new knee looked a little like the laces on a football, but therapy is going well, so he was going to make the trip down to Roebling Road. Shortly after, Larry Garner arrived and went inside to get a cup of coffee for the Drive to the Lake Restau­rant in Way­nes­boro for breakfast. We chatted a bit, killing some time waiting for Ernie Bloom to show as at the last event he really seemed exciting to go and watch some Miatas race. When it was apparent he wasn’t coming for the drive, the three cars turned south on US 25.

We had eaten as a Club at the Lake Restaurant before and thought it was pretty good, but today’s was sort of hit and miss. There was only one waitress, from the way the food arrived there was only one cook and they seemed a bit overloaded. After breakfast Larry headed back home and Rudy, Donna and I continued on to the track.

We got to the track, said hello to John and his Crew Chief, ex-club member Ron Kauffman, and it was time for John to hit the track for his second session of the day. We walked over to a nice shady spot between turns 4 & 5 to watch the action. When we came back to POS’s pit area there was a silver Miata. Ernie had made the trip. He said he didn’t want to get up that early for break­fast. Or most else for that matter, so he got a later start. He brought along a guest, Melissa*, who felt right at home with POS Racing because the acronym for her job title is P.O.S. (Programing Operations Supervisor.*)

* It might have been Michelle and Programs Operation Specialist or something similar. Hey, I’m old and my brain was baked from the bright sun.

At around 3:00 PM, Ernie & guest and Donna and I left to go home and Rudy stayed behind to watch some more action. I took about 100 pictures with about a third of them blurry, another third had only a part of a car in the frame and the rest ranged from alright to decent. Here are a few of the decent ones: