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Master’s Miata Club Planning Meeting Minutes

When: January 3, 2013
Where: Garlic Clove, Evans, GA
Members Attending: Larry & Rita Garner, Jackie & John Nicholls, Rudy Wilmoth, Carol & John Haff, Bill & Bonnie Baugh Shirley & Dave Dyer, Sue & Dave Woomer, Ernest Bloom
Guests Attending: Jenn Simmons

Treasurer’s Report: October – January Balance: $1,199.11

Planning for 2013:

  • January 12: Mini Car Museum, Madison GA – Meet at Cracker Barrel On Jimmy Dyess Parkway at I-20 at 8:00 AM. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast then a 90 or so mile drive to the mini car museum. Coordinators: Larry and Rita Garner
  • January 19: Breakfast at the Swamp Fox in Aiken. – Meet at Circle K/Shell/Bojangles, Edgefield Rd., North Augusta at 8:30 for a short drive to the restaurant that open at 9:00. Check the club calendar for details. Coordinators: Brian & Donna Bogardus
  • February 7: Business Meeting Location TBA Coordinators: Shirley and Mike Deyer
  • February 16: Breakfast TBA Coordinators: Patty and Rudy Wilmoth
  • March 7: Business Meeting Location TBA Coordinators: TBD
  • March 16: Breakfast Location TBA Coordinators: TBD
  • April 4 – 7: Miatas at Myrtle Beach VII Check web site for details.
  • April 13: Breakfast TBA Coordinators: Brain and Donna Bogardus
  • April 13: Roebling Road, Savannah, GA
  • April 27: Tech Day! Hosted at the garage of Kurt Breitinger.
  • May 2: Business Meeting at Apizza Di Napoli, Aiken Coordinators: Rita and Larry Garner
  • May 18: Breakfast Location TBA Bowling to follow. Coordinators: John and Jackie Nicholls
  • August 3: Bug Splat Coordinators: Brian and Donna Bogardus
  • November 1-3: Deals Gap road trip! Coordinators: Brian and Donna Bogardus

Business meetings are on the first Thursday of the month. Breakfast is held on the third Saturday. The remainder of the calendar will be determined at a future meeting. All members are encouraged to coordinate an event.

Respectfully submitted:
Rita Garner
Club Secretary

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