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2014 Goals:
Adjust Leaner (car)
Adjust Leaner (me)

Set idle RPM (car)
Set idle BPM (me)

Decrease Fuel Consumption (car)
Decrease Food Consumption (me)


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Be The Change


Opting to change your own. Whether you prefer your cars or your politics in red or blue, what beats the snick from 2nd to 3rd? Or a perfectly rev-matched 4th to 3rd? Now that’s the type of change we can ALL believe in! BTW, the only change we don’t like is the 5th to 2nd change. That one hurts.

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Crush Everything


It must be Sunday!

APEX? Who needs apexes when you can CRUSH the competition!?

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Hello Drive In

To take the place of the recently discontinued Tubing Thursdays, I’ve created a new tab at the top of the page called Drive In. It is linked to a page where I will be posting car videos that I think are worth a look.

The first one up is a video of a D-Type Jag driven through Wales.

If anyone else finds something they think is worth sharing, all you need to do is create a new post and assign it the Drive In category. This ensures it will be added to that page and not clutter up the front page.

Also on the video front, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee returns for another “season” on January 2nd.


Starring English actor Chris Barrie and featuring an interview with Jaguar driver Norman Dewis, it’s a stunning look at the D-Type that takes it through its homeland, the countryside of Wales. The cinematography is absolutely incredible, and it really is worth it to watch the entire thing.