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July Breakfast Club Meeting Minutes

When: July 21, 2012
Where: Red Oak Manor, Harlem, GA
Who: Larry & Rita Garner, John & Jackie Nicholls, Rudy & Patty Wilmoth, Brian & Donna Bogardus, John & Carol Haff, and George Szokoly

Treasurer’s Report: Dues Collected: $45.00 Balance on hand: $1,059.11

Topics Discussed:

  • Dues are due. Several paid on the spot.
  • August 2 dinner meeting will not be held at Apizza di Napoli in Aiken. The Restaurant will not open until September. Instead we will dine at the Cotton Patch, 816 Cotton Lane, Augusta, GA . Coordinated by the Garners
  • Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum is back open in Madison, GA. Larry Garner will see if there is a date in early November that we can plan a day trip to the Museum.
  • George mentioned a Shrimp & Grits Festival will be held on Jekyll Island September 23-28.
  • Jackie mentioned Christmas at Calloway. Rita has this on her calendar and will follow up with Calloway and relay the information to the club to determine if we want to plan an overnight trip to see the Christmas light in Calloway.
  • John Nicholls mentioned a new member has joined our group ? Tom Varallo from Aiken.
  • Due to the change in the periodicity (Johns Nicholls’ word) of dues and the amount of dues being changed, the following changes (unanimously approved by the quorum present) need to be made:
      A. Individual Membership. A membership consisting of one individual who shall have one vote in general membership decisions. A family membership shall include all individuals living within the same domicile. Each family will be entitled to one vote in general membership decisions.
      B. Multi-person Membership. A membership consisting of two or more persons who shall have only one vote in general membership decisions
      A. Annual dues for an individual and a multi-person a family membership shall be established and changed, as necessary, by a majority of a quorum vote of the general membership, payable in full to the Treasurer.
      B. The fiscal year of the organization for annual dues shall be from July 1 through June 30. Dues as of July 1, 1993, shall be: Individual, $20.00; Multi-person, $20.00 for the first dues paying member and $5.00 for each additional dues paying member. Individuals joining after December 31 will be charged one-half (1/2) of annual dues.ÿ July 1, 2012, shall be $10.00 for each family membership.

Respectfully submitted:
Rita Garner
Club Secretary

Breakfast In Sardis

As the clock slowly ticked down towards our departure time yesterday, Donna and I were still the only ones at the event meeting spot. I was worried on two counts, first, it would be a bummer if some fellow Miata owners didn’t get to take advantage of a drive on this beautiful morning, and second, I was going to have eat all 25 of the Dunkin’ Donut Munchkins we had brought along as a breakfast appetizer.

But in short order three cars came zipping into the parking lot, Rudy & Patti Wilmoth, followed by John & Jackie Nichols and then Larry & Rita Garner. After some pre-drive chit-chat, I went over the convoluted route, left out of the parking lot, after some miles south on GA56 turn left onto GA23, enter Sardis, turn right, stop at restaurant.

Last week when Donna and I did a practice run last week we took along our GPS and Georgia DeLorme to hunt out some really rural roads to bypass the first 10 miles of four lane dived GA56. We kept running into pavement ends signs and dirt roads, neither of which are indicated on the GPS nor the DeLorme. We did manage to find a way, but this would have been too long a drive, so we abandoned it knowing that we did have the pretty direct route that we did use in reserve.

The left turn onto GA23 snuck right up on me and while there wasn’t any squealing of tires or mashing of brakes my turn maneuver wasn’t very pretty. Then less than 10 miles from our destination the route passes through the small town of Girard and GA23 turns right. I saw the sign, but was fooled by where we should turn because of the appearance of the road and drove right by it. A hundred yards down the road I led the group in a u-turn and got us back on track. The rest of the drive was uneventful. We probably should have driven this route.

Just as we pulled in to the restaurant parking lot so did a black Toyota Camry out of which popped new member George Szokoly. His Miata was in the shop with Cruise Control issues. George is 2 for 2 in attending Miata Club in non-Miatas. Not long after we got seated inside the other new south Georgia member Robert De Wester arrived in his Miata along with his wife Elizabeth.

And even though we didn’t let them know we were coming, it was like the staff of the Our Family Cafe knew we were a car club and we were coming for breakfast as they had the Speed channel on showing the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The eleven of us spent the next hour and a half making ourselves at home and eating our fill of food from the buffet.

Afterwards, everyone headed home on their own, and if this small town actually had that many roads leading out of it all six cars probably could have gone in six different directions.

June Dinner Meeting Minutes

When: June 2, 2012
Where: Home of Gail & Miller Butler, North Augusta
Who: Larry & Rita Garner, John & Jackie Nicholls, Rudy & Patty Wilmoth, Bill & Bonnie Baugh, Brian & Donna Bogardus, Dave Winkler, Curt & Karen Breitinger, Gail and Miller Butler New members: George Szokoly and Robert (didn’t get the last name.)

Treasurer’s Report: Took in $25 in dues of which $15 was refunded. Balance: $1,024.11.

Topics Discussed:

  • June 16th Breakfast in Sardis. Arranged by Brian & Donna Bogardus.
  • June 23-24 is the Hill Climb in Robinsville, NC
  • July (?) Fireworks at Fort Gordon. Patti is going to confirm the date and post on the event calendar. [Ed. Note: It is Tuesday the 3rd.] Those attending will meet on the designated date at the Cracker Barrel on Belair Road at 7PM.
  • July 21 Breakfast at a surprise location. Arranged by Patti and Rudy Wilmoth
  • August 2 dinner meeting to be held at Pizza in Aiken (an alternate location will be determined if the restaurant is not open yet) Arranged by Larry and Rita Garner.
  • Dues were discussed at length. A motion was made to reinstitute dues and a price was set at $10 per family. The treasurer will bring to the next meeting a breakdown of how we can use the treasury to supplement events throughout the year.
  • December holiday gathering will take place at Patti and Rudy Wilmoth’s.

Respectfully submitted:
Rita Garner
Club Secretary

Ten Years Ago – June 2002

Watermelon Festival

Date: Saturday, June 22, 2002
Time: 8:00 AM
Place: SC Welcome Center
Members Attending: Mary Cappucci, Tony Cappucci, Chris Kaufman and Ron Kaufman.
Ex-members Attending: Mary Ann Laney.
Guests Attending: Barb (Mary Ann’s friend).

John Battles, Brian Bogardus, Donna Bogardus, Carol Haff and John Haff were at the Welcome Center too, but just to do shirt or sticker distribution. Watching the Weather Channel that morning it was raining in Charleston and heading north towards Hampton, so they didn‘t want to make the trip. Brian even tried to talk Tony out of going. Good thing he couldn’t do it.

Well, we made it to the Watermelon Festival in Hampton and, suprisingly we didn’t melt in the rain!. Six cars showed up from the Low Country Club and with us made a grand total of 15 Miata lovers! The parade did not start for at least an hour, so we all stood in the rain and wondered if it got cancelled. But, lo and behold, the parade started, and went on and on, and on until some of us had growling stomachs and retired to Ernie’s for a good home cooked meal. The remainder straggled in after the parade. Ernie’s had a southern style buffet for $6.50, all you can eat! Some of us ate off the menu instead. The fried chicken was great!

After lunch, we decided to head for home to dry out. I don’t think many people went on a ride in the rain as we had already done that.
– Tony and Mary C.

Pizza/Game/Meeting Get-Together

When: Saturday, June 2, 2012, 5:00 pm
Where: Gail & Miller’s House*, 10 Woodspring Court, North Augusta

We are home from Italy and ready for some GOOD AMERICA PIZZA! Game night was set for June 8th but due to many changes, we can only host on Saturday, June2nd. We will provide pizza and salad. Drinks and desserts would be appreciated from those who can come on this date. Other activities, games,etc. would be a consideration.

Event Coordinators: Gail & Miller Butler 803-279-4718

*Their address is really 10, but I had to put 80 into Google Maps to get the actual location right.