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October Dinner Meeting

When: October 4, 2012
Where: Formosa II, Augusta
Who: Rita Garner, John & Jackie Nicholls, Rudy & Patty Wilmoth, Bill & Bonnie Baugh, Curt & Karen Breitinger, Gail and Miller Butler, Mike and Shirley Dyer, Dave and Bobbie Winkler

Treasurer’s Report: $10.00 in dues was collected. New balance: $1,179.11

Topics Discussed:

  • October 20 Breakfast is TBA. That is also the weekend of the Boshears Skyfest. A car show will also be held that Saturday at the air show. All were encouraged to go on line and purchase tickets for the event.
  • November 1 dinner meeting will be organized by Patti and Rudy. Location TBA. Check the Events Calendar!
  • The Leaf Peep hosted by Brian and Donna Bogardus will take place on November 3. Details are posted on the Events Calendar.
  • December 8th Christmas gathering will be hosted by Karen and Kurt Brietenger. There was not enough interest to pursue Calloway Gardens.
  • Jackie announced that there was not enough interest in Abbeville so she will not reserve tickets for the group.

Respectfully submitted:
Rita Garner
Club Secretary

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