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September Dinner Meeting

When: September 6, 2012
Where: Los Jarochos Mexican Restaurant, Trenton, SC
Members Attending: John & Jackie Nicholls, Gail & Miller Butler, Dave & Bobby Winkler, Patti & Rudy Wilmoth, Shirley & Mike Dyer.
Guests Attending: John Ormerod (friend of the Dyers)

Treasurer’s Report: $10.00 in dues was collected. New balance: $1,169.11

Topics Discussed:

  • September 22 Food Lion Autofair organized by the Bogardus’. – INFO
  • The October 4th dinner meeting is listed as being arranged by Kurt & Karen Breitinger, but no info has been provided yet.
  • October 20 is the Boshears Airshow at Daniel Field and a breakfast before or lunch after was mentioned for the event, but we need a volunteer to arrange something. The Garners would love to do something, but they will be working ther butts off running the airshow.
  • The November 3rd Leaf Peeping was also mentioned.
  • The December Christmas party was brought up and due to a lack of commitment for the trip to Callaway Gardens, a need to change plans and to try to hold something without a trip out of town has surfaced. More discussion on this is needed.

The meeting was adjourned and we paid our bills. Los Jarochos was a small diner that served home cooking of Mexican food and it was different from most local places as hamburger was not used for most meals. It was good food. I bet that it serves mostly a Mexican clientele, but the night we were there, our group and another gringo couple were the night’s dinner rush.

Respectfully submitted:
Patti Wilmoth
First Lady
Acting Club Secretary

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