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Jerry Seinfeld drives Bob Einstein to get some coffee in a 1970 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3

1970 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 63
Watch it!

10 Years Ago – August 2002

Full Moon Rally

Date: Friday, August 23, 2002
Time: 8:00 PM
Place: SC Welcome Center
Members Attending: John & Barbara Battles, Bill & Bonnie Baugh, Brian & Donna Bogardus, John Bowles, Karl Johnson, Ron & Chris Kaufman, Russ & Jean Schwalbert, Stacey & Cindy Timmerman and Rudy Wilmoth.
Guests Attending: Mary McDaniel, Jan & David Leverett and Tom & Fran Spitzer.

While John Bowles brought Mary along, Stacey Timmerman was responsible for bringing along the RX-7 convertible manned by the Leveretts, his sister and brother-in-law, plus the Spitzers in a 2000 SE Miata, who he knows from church. We are going to have to make Stacey the Club Recruitment Officer, he has brought along at least a half-dozen others in the past, some of them have even stuck around and joined the Club.

On a very warm summer night, 10 Miatas and the RX-7 snaked through the country side surrounding Aiken and briefly the streets of downtown. At one point there was a car trying to pull out of his driveway on one of those way back roads and we all couldn’t help but wonder what they must have thought having to wait a good couple minutes, while the train of little cars went by. You know they don’t usually see that much traffic on that road in a week. We caught the folks at Brusters a little off guard. They close at 10 and when we got there at about 20 ‘til, they only had one window left open. The addition of Miata occupants caused the line to stretch practically to the horizon. After a few minutes they realized it and opened a second window.

Even though the werewolf was a no-show, perhaps because of John Battle’s dashboard mounted garlic talisman, and the full moon was a late show, it was still a beautiful night for a top down drive, with an ice cream ending.

A Taste of Hell From on High

Jerry Seinfeld drives Joel Hodgson to get some coffee in a 1963 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia.

1963 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia
Watch it!

Just a Lazy Shiftless Bastard

Jerry Seinfeld drives Alec Baldwin to get some coffee in a 1970 Mercedes Benz 280 SL.

1970 Mercedes Benz 280 SL
Watch it!

August’s Breakfast Is On

Where: Greg’s Gas Plus, North on Martintown Rd, off Exit #1 of I-20 in South Carolina – map

The green flag drops at 7:30 AM for the 47 mile drive sort of east to Springfield, SC (home of the Simpsons) where we dine at Mary’s Country Kitchen. It about an hour and a quarter drive, so get to the Circle K early to get your Cup of Joe for the drive. After breakfast, your Event Coordinators are planning a trip to the local Flea Market, you can join us if you would like.

Event Coordinators: Donna & Brian Bogardus 803-642-0767

Breakfast Etiquette:
Order Breakfast
Sit Where We Fit
Tip your Waitstaff
Defer to Regulars