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Ten Years Ago – June 2002

Watermelon Festival

Date: Saturday, June 22, 2002
Time: 8:00 AM
Place: SC Welcome Center
Members Attending: Mary Cappucci, Tony Cappucci, Chris Kaufman and Ron Kaufman.
Ex-members Attending: Mary Ann Laney.
Guests Attending: Barb (Mary Ann’s friend).

John Battles, Brian Bogardus, Donna Bogardus, Carol Haff and John Haff were at the Welcome Center too, but just to do shirt or sticker distribution. Watching the Weather Channel that morning it was raining in Charleston and heading north towards Hampton, so they didn‘t want to make the trip. Brian even tried to talk Tony out of going. Good thing he couldn’t do it.

Well, we made it to the Watermelon Festival in Hampton and, suprisingly we didn’t melt in the rain!. Six cars showed up from the Low Country Club and with us made a grand total of 15 Miata lovers! The parade did not start for at least an hour, so we all stood in the rain and wondered if it got cancelled. But, lo and behold, the parade started, and went on and on, and on until some of us had growling stomachs and retired to Ernie’s for a good home cooked meal. The remainder straggled in after the parade. Ernie’s had a southern style buffet for $6.50, all you can eat! Some of us ate off the menu instead. The fried chicken was great!

After lunch, we decided to head for home to dry out. I don’t think many people went on a ride in the rain as we had already done that.
– Tony and Mary C.

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