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Pizza/Game/Meeting Get-Together

When: Saturday, June 2, 2012, 5:00 pm
Where: Gail & Miller’s House*, 10 Woodspring Court, North Augusta

We are home from Italy and ready for some GOOD AMERICA PIZZA! Game night was set for June 8th but due to many changes, we can only host on Saturday, June2nd. We will provide pizza and salad. Drinks and desserts would be appreciated from those who can come on this date. Other activities, games,etc. would be a consideration.

Event Coordinators: Gail & Miller Butler 803-279-4718

*Their address is really 10, but I had to put 80 into Google Maps to get the actual location right.

Tech Day

May Dinner Meeting Minutes

Where: Veracruz Mexican Restaurant, Augusta
When: May 3, 2012
Who: Larry & Rita Garner, John & Jackie Nicholls, Rudy & Patty Wilmoth, Bill & Bonnie Baugh, Brian & Donna Bogardus, John & Carol Haff, Dave Winkler, Kurt Breitinger.

Treasurer’s Report: Since January 1, 2012, $95.00 in expenditures, current blance: $1,014.11.

Topics Discussed:

  • Tech day was changed from May 5 to May 12. This will be held in Curt Breitinger’s Most Awesome Garage located at 4169 Sigman Dr., Martinez, GA 30907 Please let Curt know what you would like to do to your car so he can be prepared.
  • May 19 breakfast will be at the Sunrise Grill in West Town at 8:00 AM followed by a scavenger hunt put on by Dave Winkler. Please bring a digital camera because some of the items cannot be physically brought back to show. The hunt will take approximately 3 hours and lunch will be determined.
  • June 8th is Game Night at Gail and Millers.
  • June 24-25 is the Hill Climb in Robbinsville. President Rudy commented that we need to have more rides planned for the group. Lately we have just been riding to dine.
  • Officer elections for the next year were discussed. There were no new nominations. A motion was made to keep the current officers (provided they wanted to continue in office). All current officers agreed to continue for another year. Everyone was in agreement and the motion carried. The officers for 2012-2013 are:
    • President: Rudy Wilmoth
    • Vice President: Sara Palin
    • Secretary: Rita Garner
    • Treasurer: John Nicholls

Respectfully submitted:
Rita Garner
Club Secretary

Ten Years Ago – May 2002

Drive-In Movie

Date: Saturday, May 11, 2002
Time: 5:30 PM
Place: Sonic Drive-In, N. Augusta, SC
Members Attending: Brian Bogardus, Donna Bogardus, John Bowles, Carol Haff, John Haff, Mark Llyod, Jackie Nicholls, John Nicholls, Jack Norris, Karen Norris, Lisa Rushton, Scott Rushton, Cindy Timmerman, Stacey Timmerman and Rudy Wilmoth.

John and Carol couldn’t attend the movie as they were on their way to a neighbor’s graduation, but did come out to the Sonic because they can’t get enough of those foot long chili-cheese dogs. Just kidding, they were trying to get an idea of how many wanted in on the embroidered polo shirt deal. Rudy couldn’t stay for the movie as he had an early start in the morning for a trip to Columbus, Georgia, but he did make the drive to the Big Mo.

We moved the time for leaving the Sonic up a half hour and it paid off. We got there before the gates opened and were like 4 cars back from the ticket booth. The last 3 times we have gone we have been stuck in the back row or split up. This time we got in the 3rd row and all in a line. Actually, after a close call with a minivan parking nearly in front of us, Stacey Timmerman and I moved our cars into the row right in front of the other 5. There surely wasn’t going to be any problems blocking the screen with a Miata. The dozen of us pulled out the folding chairs and chatted and snacked away the hour before show time. Pun not intended, as the title of the first movie was just that, Showtime. Eddie Murphy and Robert DeNiro as totally opposite personality type police officers forced to be partners for reality cop show. Very funny stuff. The second movie was a Sandra Bullock thriller entitled Murder by Numbers and was OK.

During the day on Saturday it was nearly 90, so quite a few of us were unprepared for the coolness that arrived after sundown and a decent breeze that made it seem even colder. It was a good thing that Rudy finally picked up the Club T-shirts and brought them to the Sonic, as there were a couple of us that used them as leg warmers.

In between movies we lost 3 cars to early departures. Too bad too, as they missed the highlight of the whole evening, a marriage proposal over the PA system. Seems a couple had their first date at the Big Mo one year ago to the night. (Coincidentally the Miata Club was there too.) They decided to come back on the anniversary to see another movie. The guy had a plan. In between the usual announcements and trivia contests in between movies, the owner asked this fellow’s girl friend over the PA would she marry him, talk about pressure. After a few minutes the answer was announced, she said yes. I wonder if they stayed for feature number 2?