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Ten Years Ago – March 2002

Tech Day

Date: Saturday, March 16, 2002
Time: 10:00 AM
Place: GA Welcome Center
Members Attending: Brian Bogardus, Kurt Breitinger, Jim Creer, Leroy Delionbach, John Haff, Ron Kaufman, Denny Smith, Stacey Timmerman and Rudy Wilmoth.

After we left the Welcome Center we made a “quick” stop at Rader Mazda. They just got in a new 2002 Titanium Gray SE and we wanted to peep at it. Nice color combo, should have gone with a brown top instead of the standard black though. As Brian was upstairs getting photocopies of wiring diagrams for his tech work, everyone else left for Kurt’s. Not taking the hint, Brian went over to Kurt’s anyway.

Today’s Tech Special was brake bleeding. Rudy bought a Forced Induction device called a speed bleeder. You pressurize the brake system and open the bleed valves and whoosh, out with the old and in with the new. No need to pump the pedal. Supposedly this allows you to do the job by yourself, of course it took 4 people for us to do it. 🙂 They did 4 cars (I think including clutch systems too) and Rudy changed over to some new Axxis brake pads. Brian didn’t do the brake thing as he was installing retro toggle switches to replace the hazard & pop-up buttons. Leroy got Jim to help him extinguish the air bag light that has been glowing in the dash, since he put in his new wood steering wheel. Ron hung around and offered advice and served as a taxi to the local auto parts stores.

The only time work slowed was when we went in for our pizza lunch. The nine of us made short work of the four large pizzas Kurt brought back from Papa John’s. Thanks to Jim Creer for supplying the sodas and other snacks, including that southern shade tree mechanic power snack, Moon Pies.

March Dinner Meeting

Where: Old McDonalds Fish Camp, Edgefield
When: March 1, 2012
Who: Larry & Rita Garner, Jackie & John Nicholls, Rudy Wilmoth, Bill & Bonnie Baugh.

Treasurer’s Report: Current Balance: $1,064.11, after paying $45 to Kurt for the Christmas gathering.

  • Topics Discussed:

    • March 10 – Pancake Breakfast sponsored by the NA Optimist Club. This is a fund raiser for their Childhood Cancer Fund, so please show your support and bring your Miata to breakfast! Coordinated by John and Jackie.
    • April 14 – breakfast will be at the Sunshine Grill in North Augusta. Coordinated by Bill and Bonnie.
    • April 21 – is the Sunset boat trip along the beautiful Savannah River. $20/person. Departs at 6PM. Coordinated by John and Jakcie.
    • May 5 – is Tech day. (Cinco de Mayo)

Rita and Larry contacted Communigraphics and they do have the club logo. You can bring in an item or purchase one there to have it embroidered. $8.00 each up to 5 items then the cost will decrease.

Respectfully submitted:
Rita Garner
Club Secretary