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Breakfast/Scavenger Hunt/Lunch

Breakfast at the Sunrise Grill in the K Mart shopping center, Martinez, GA at 8:00 AM.
Scavenger Hunt following Breakfast.
Finish at the Snow Cap in North Augusta at 1:00 PM for lunch and the sharing of your adventures.

Come One, Come All !!! Let’s cruise, scan, dig, look, snap, pick up, lay down, look around, look up, compute, scratch our heads to find, locate, see, record, and enjoy the fun of the hunt for STUFF. This Scavenger hunt will involve finding stuff, photographing stuff, and computing stuff. You’ll need:
1. Your own map of the Augusta area
2. A pencil (or pen for the confident)
3. A digital camera for taking pictures along the way to show your prowess at going places
4. Some ingenuity.

I know some of you have some really smart phones with internet on the fly, but let’s keep it simple and just use the photo snapping function for today. At lunch it would be fun to share your photos with the group. Please bring a USB cable that lets us download your photos to a laptop computer and we can all see the fun you had finding stuff and traveling the world. No need for a math calculator, because the numbers are three digits or less.
Let’s have fun in the quest and laughter in the results.

Event Coordinators: Dave & Bobbie Winkler 706-860-6060

Tech Day

Place: Breitinger’s Speed Shop – map

Need your brake lines bled? Want to rotate your tires? Want to put in those air horns you got for Christmas? Want your baby teeth removed? Bring your minor car problems or after-market goodies to be installed to 4169 Sigman Drive, Martinez, GA. If you have a big job, call ahead to check for tool and technical availability.

We’ll send out for lunch or something.

Event Coordinator: Kurt Breitinger 706-651-9121

April Breakfast

Where: Sunrise Grill, 404 E. Martintown Road, North Augusta, SC – map
When: 8:00 AM sharp or we start without you…

Event Coordinators: Bill & Bonnie Baugh 803-278-7340

Breakfast Etiquette:
Order Breakfast
Sit Where We Fit
Tip your Waitstaff
Defer to Regulars

March Dinner/Meeting

Old McDonald’s Fish Camp, 355 Currytown Road, North Augusta, SC 29860

Meet at Greg’s Gas Plus on Jefferson Davis Highway (Hwy 278) in North Augusta – map – Leave at 6:05 for Old McDonald’s Fish Camp – to arrive by 6:30

Please RSVP by February 28 to Rita (email or phone below) if you plan to attend. The restaurant does not take reservations, but they did say we should call to let them know how many will be in our party. Thursday night is not one of their busy nights.

Event Coordinator: Rita Garner 706-790-4365

Anniversary Dinner

Calverts in Augusta, GA. http://www.calvertsrestaurant.com/index.html

Sunset dinner for two. $32.95 not including tax, tip or drinks. (You can order from regular menu also)

Reserve by Friday, January 27.

Event Coordinators: Rudy & Patti Wilmoth 706-840-2877