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January Breakfast At The Airport Cafe

Members Attending: Brian & Donna Bogardus, Rita & Larry Garner, John & Jackie Nichols, Cindy & Stacey Timmerman and Rudy & Patti Wilmoth.

Attendance for this breakfast run to the Airport Cafe was up 500% from when Brian & Donna first attempted a trip there back in October of last year. This time of year Stacey normally has his hardtop on, but the weather has been so mild that he hasn’t bothered. The Garners on the other hand did have their hardtop mounted. It wasn’t a stock top like Mr. Timmerman’s, but a very elaborate custom job that made their car look remarkably like a PT Cruiser.

In typical MMC tradition we took a table for 6 at the restaurant and up-sized it to fit the ten of us by not so subtly rearranging the furniture. Because the place is literally a mom & pop shop the food came to the table in drips and drabs, but this is actually the preferred method ensureing everyone’s meal arrives at peak eating temperature. And whatever the wait, it was definitely worth it, as everything is made in house and delicious. No flash-frozen food trucked in from a warehouse in the mid-west, deep fried and kept warm under heat lamps here.

The best part, at least for the route planners, came as we were breaking up to go our separate ways. Because of the serpentine route taken to get to the restaurant, only a couple folks sorta knew where they were. When one asked how to get to Bettis Academy Rd., so they could get their bearings, we got to answer, “You’re on it. Go left to get to US25 or right to get to I-20.”

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