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Dinner/Bug Splat

Place: Red Bowl Asian Bistro in Aiken, SC – map

The Red Bowl is at 2645 Whiskey Road about a half mile south of the mall just past Target. With a name that includes the word Asian in its name you can guess what kind of food they serve, so check out their menu for something you might like. A word to the wise, after you taste the pan seared pot sticker appetizer you will want to change your dinner meal to a second order of them…

After eating we will take an approximately 29 mile drive around some darkening roads hopefully knocking insects out of the night air with the noses of our Miatas. The drive will finish the Sonic, 1187 Knox Ave, North Augusta, SC and there your Event Coordinator will give away awards in various categories, including: Biggest Bug, Most Bugs, etc.

Event Coordinator: Brian & Donna Bogardus 803-642-0767

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