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October Dinner Meeting

Where: Boll Weevil, Augusta, GA
When: October 6, 2011
Who: Bill & Bonnie Baugh, Brian & Donna Bogardus, Kurt, Karen & Lindsay Breitinger, Patti & Rudy Wilmoth and Dave Winkler.


    1. Upcoming Events:
      1. Breakfast – October 15th – Meet at the Circle K at Exit 1. We will leave there at 7:30 sharp for breakfast at an undisclosed location that will be vaugely aviation related in honor of the Boshears Air Show later that day.
      2. Next Dinner/Meeting – November 3rd – At Pickles on Furys Ferry Road in Martinez, GA. They must be fans of the old Dick Van Dyke Show as Pickles was the name of Buddy Sorrel’s wife or maybe they just serve Fried Pickles as an appetizer.
      3. Deal’s Gap Trip – November 4,5 & 6 – We have 2 confirmed cars going and the earlier restriction of the 4 car min has been waived. There are still 2 or 3 cars on the fence, so you never know. Come on out and enjoy the roads your Miata was made for.
      4. Breakfast – November 19th – has not been locked down yet, so stay tuned.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted:
Donna Bogardus
Acting Club Secretary

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