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Miata Service Advice

Any recommendation for a good miata service repair shop in augusta or aiken? I need a routine 120K miles service on my 2000 model. Should I take it to the dealer (~$800) or somewhere else better (and maybe cheaper)? Will want to have timing belt, water pump, oil, gaskets and seals replaced. Would love to have the engine steam cleaned to make it look great under the hood again, but not a need.

Thanks, T

I received this via the web page and I have the very same question, as the Emperor currently sits at 122,668 miles. I know a couple of you guys will pipe in with, it is not that hard a job, you can do it on a Saturday in your garage. For those of us who can’t tell the difference between a left-handed monkey wrench and it’s right-handed counterpart, a little help would be appreciated. So, who would you tell your Mom to take her Miata to, if you didn’t have the time to do it for her?

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