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May Meeting Minutes

Where: Boll Weevil in Downtown Augusta
When: May 5, 2011
Who: Bill & Bonnie Baugh, Brian & Donna Bogardus, Gail & Miller Butler, Larry & Rita Garner, John & Carol Haff, John & Jackie Nicholls, David & Autumn Schumacher, Patti & Rudy Wilmoth and Dave & Bobbie Winkler.

  • TREASURER’S REPORT: $1,195.78

    1. Past Events:
      1. There was a small contingent for breakfast at the New Moon in Downtown Augusta on April 16th. We were a few minutes earlier than a “regular” who bemoaned out loud that someone was sitting at HIS table, but he settled across the room without any more whining.
      2. Right after breakfast two cars, only one of which was actually going to Tech Day, caravaned to the Breitinger’s Garage Mahal. Some other folks did show up later and a couple of cars left the event better than when they arrived.
      3. The sparse attendance at the TSD Rally, only first and second prizes were needed, convinced John & Jackie Nichols that they won’t be any more of these unless someone else organizes it. Too bad, as their Rallys were always the highlight of the Club’s driving calendar.
      4. For the May 1st Walter Mitty Classic there was a rumor that Kurt Breitinger went, but he wasn’t present to confirm or deny it.

    1. Upcoming Events:
      1. Breakfast – May 21st – Dave & Bobbie Winkler are the hosts and Dave thought we might go to his favorite place – the Sunrise Grill.
      2. Ridge Peach Parade – June 18th – The Club will once again drive in the Ridge Peach Festival in Trenton.
      3. June Meeting – June 2nd – Someone suggested the Sno Cap Drive In in North Augusta and we saw that this was good, so it shall be.
    2. Officer Nominations – There were 18 folks in attendance and when the outgoing President asked for nominations he was met with stoney silence. Three of the current officers have already expressed their intentions to not serve in any capacity next year, while the fourth halfheartedly agreed to fill some spot, but we are still short 3 candidates for office.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted:
Donna Bogardus
Club Secretary

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