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A Photo From Afar

Sorry we missed it (the TSD Rally)– our schedule changed with the Shuttle launch, and was scrubbed due to a mal-function. We were amazed at the crowd – people setting up chairs in the grassy median of the road and just about anywhere else there was an open spot. Parking spots along the road facing the launch-site were going for up to $30 and were four deep from the road to the water. After we found out the launch was scrubbed, we headed out along with everyone else – taking over an hour to get to I-95!

We are back – attached is a picture to show we did it – just over 1700 miles to and around the state of FL – had a great time. The Miata performed without a flaw – topless almost all the trip.

You’ll notice it’s sporting new pin-strips, style-bar and home-made windscreen. The windscreen worked very well, made it from the frame of an old chair and window screen – if anyone wants to make one, let me know and I’ll offer my suggestions.

Hope to be at the meeting Thursday night.
Larry & Rita Garner

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