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Milledgeville µTour

We were 8 early-risin’ souls for the tour to Milledgeville.  It started out kinda cool but by the time we got to Wrens, it was top-down with an ever-warming sun.  We arrived a little late at the Arboretum so folks were spared their free time to walk around after our tour of Lockerly Hall.  We then headed back in to town for lunch followed by the Trolley Tour.  When we stepped out from lunch, the heat had arrived, and it was full-on summer on Trolley Sauna.   Everyone was fanning themselves and remarking about the heat, even the Trolley, which bit the dust as it struggled to our final destination.  Luckily, it was only a 4 block walk back to the cars, where we bid Gail & Miller and Larry & Rita farewell.

The Antebellum Inn was lovely, and due to 2 cancellations, we had the place to ourselves, along with our good friends Arnold & Donna from Aiken, who were driving the souped-up Miata shown in the pictures.  After a great dinner at Aubri Lanes, we relaxed in the parlor until bedtime.  The gals headed off to church in the morning while the guys indulged in a 2nd piece of coffee cake.  Sunday stayed overcast and cloudy.  We had time for a quick tour of Memory Hill Cemetery before heading off to lunch at Sylvia’s Grille.  The food again was excellent and gave us the energy to wipe the ever-increasing pine pollen from the red team cars.  We wrapped things up with a tour of the Old Governor’s Mansion, everything was in bloom and it was quite impressive.  The roads there and back were as fun as central Georgia can make them, and the return trip was enhanced by a stop for ice cream at the legendary Dairy Lane in Sandersville.