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No Business, No Driving, Just Eating Meeting

Where: Eejay’s – map

Eejay’s is located at 1680 Richland Ave W in Aiken in the same shopping center as Rose’s.
Title says it all.

Time-Speed-Distance Rally and Sports Trivia for Sports Cars

The end of the rally has al fresco dining–burgers, hot dogs, and pork tenderloins with fries, pool, jacuzzi that accommodates many, a small beach with lounge chairs, tennis courts, and finally a pontoon boat ride. For anyone wishing a more extended menu, we’ve made arrangements at a location down the road that is enclosed. And finally, massages are available for $10 per hour. Anyone interested in making an appointment should contact the Rallymasters ASAP, so we can ensure the masseuse does not divulge any critical information. The location is beautiful and so is the drive–lots of curves and maybe wild turkeys and deer.

The course and questions may be more challenging than we initially planned, but we know you are all up to it! Of course we’ll have an emergency envelope if you get hopelessly lost or think you might be headed to divorce court if it doesn’t end soon. All you need is a full tank of gas, clipboard , pen, and watch with second hand, and maybe a calculator for those whose math might be fuzzy. No smart phones or laptops, or GPS’s. Only 3 pages and one of those is general instructions–how hard can it be??

We’ll meet up at Krispy Krunchy Chicken (803) 202-9502, 1186 Edgefield Rd North Augusta, SC 29860 (which is the corner of Sweetwater Road and US25) on April 30 at 9:30am. You can leave whenever you like once you have the instructions–just check in with us so we can record your odometer reading and start time.

We are ready for commitments on who is doing what to whom. So far we have 4 cars for the rally –you know who you are–, and maybe 1 for the drive and destination festivities. Please let us know if your coming for the rally or just the drive by the 28th so we can make sure we have enough instructions.

See y’all then.
Event Coordinators: John & Jackie Nicholls 803-278-6724

Bug Splat

Place: Zorba’s Pizza, Bar & Grill in Aiken, SC – map

Zorba’s serves Greek and Italian food (menu) and is easy to get to. Come to Aiken on the Aiken/Augusta Hwy (US1 &78), make a right on the 118 Bypass. At the fifth light turn right and the restaurant is less than a 1/4 mile on the right. If there are no empty parking spots in front, drive around back where there is plenty.

After eating we will take an approximately 29 mile drive around some darkening roads hopefully knocking insects out of the night air with the noses of our Miatas. The drive will finish the Sonic, 1187 Knox Ave, North Augusta, SC and there your Event Coordinator will give away awards in various categories, including: Biggest Bug, Most Bugs, etc.

Event Coordinator: Brian & Donna Bogardus 803-642-0767

Boshears Air Show

I see that the Boshears AirShow is listed as a club event. Not really. If anyone wants to attend great, but it’s not anything coordinated. That is, unless a group wants to meet there. I’ve been involved with the show since it began 20-years ago and am now the AirBoss during the show.

The car show is on Saturday and so far we have about 100 cars scheduled to be there along with a few ‘special’ ones. Any car that is 25-years and older can register to show. The gates open at 9 AM and the Airshow starts at 1PM on Saturday and Sunday; but there is a lot to look at on the ground too. If you do attend, I’ll be beyond the orange crowd-line fence, under the tent out front. I do a pilot briefing at 11 AM each day and out in the area until just before the show begins. Tickets are $15 in advance at any CircleK and $18 at the gate – not a bad deal for what it costs to get the performers here. Some are $8000 plus hotels and cars – the Jet Truck is $10,000 for it’s very quick run. Many of the static aircraft will come just for fuel; but that can be costly too. The last year we have the PBY-SuperCat here, it cost us about 7000 gallons in fuel and 55-gallons in oil. The B-17 uses 200-gallons of fuel and 20 gallons of oil an hour. Our goal each year is to make enough to cover expenses, so we can do it again the next.
Larry Garner

Scavenger Hunt

The 2011 Masters Miata Club Scavenger Hunt will launch following breakfast at the Sunrise Grill in Martinez. This year participants will endeavor to travel the world in about 4 hours visiting the coast, the far east, Europe and maybe even Africa. Bring your digital camera to take pictures of your travel destinations. They will be looking for some familiar souvenirs items and some strange ones. Practice your skill at solving a Sudoku puzzle (easy level). Hints will be furnished. We will rendezvous at the Dairy Queen and compare travel destinations and find out who collected the the most “stuff” and traveled a far piece.

Event Coordinator: Dave & Bobbie Winkler 706-860-6060