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10 Years Ago This Month – October 2000

Leaf Peeping

Date: Saturday, October 21, 2000
Time: 8:00 AM
Place: Billy’s Super Store in Trenton, SC
Members Attending: Brian Bogardus, Donna Bogardus, Lee Davis and Rudy Wilmoth.
Members Almost Not Attending: Karen Breitinger and Kurt Breitinger.
Members Attending Partway: Cindy Timmerman and Stacey Timmerman.

Brian and Donna were the first to arrive. They were topping off the tank when Rudy pulled in. The Super Store is an interesting place, there is this huge sign that says, NO SMOKING, that spans both entrance doors, but when you walk in, the woman behind the counter is exhaling from her last drag and the little old lady pushing around the cleaning cart has a half smoked butt hanging out of the corner of her mouth with the other half still hanging on ash. As I pull out the charge card to pay for the $6 worth of gas, the counter woman shakes her head while taking another puff and points to the sign on the wall that says, “Minimum charge card purchase $20.” The first thing that came to my mind to say was, “Oh, I thought that was to be ignored just like the No Smoking sign.” Guessing that she wouldn’t see the humor in that, I just took out some cash and paid.

For a while it looked like it would be just the 2 cars on the trip, until two red cars arrived from the same direction nearly simultaneously. Lee Davis with repaired car and foot, came out to join us. Lee said he had all but talked his wife into joining us until he mentioned the 5:00 am wake up call required. The other red car was filled with Timmermans. Stacey mentioned that he had spoken to Kurt and that he said that he and Karen were planning on coming with us. We waited until around 8:20 and when the Breitingers didn’t show, we headed north.

Within 1/4 mile, here comes a Miata in the opposite direction, you guessed it, Kurt and Karen. They got a slightly late start and thought they might catch us if they came that way. And they did.

First stop was in Greenwood where the Brietingers got gas and everyone who didn’t already, put their tops down. The trip between Greenwood and Anderson was mostly 2 lane back roads and if we didn’t feel like going all the way up north, we could have gone home after this segment, as the leaves were through here were already beautifully colored.

At Anderson, Stacey lead us to the Cracker Barrel as he and Cindy know the area like the back of their hands. Good thing too, as the map Brian had was not exactly correct. The reason they are intimately familiar with the Anderson area is they are on child number 2 attending Clemson University. As a matter of fact, their trunk was filled to the brim with foodstuffs, both hot and cold, to transfer to their son. After he met us at the Cracker Barrel for brunch they were going over with him to the University for a visit.

The remaining four of us headed up 28 to Highlands for the actual leaf peeping portion of the trip. Our timing was perfect, the leaves were in their final glory. The down side to this was that there were also a bunch of Other Than Miatas (OTMs) on the road gawking too and who rudely drove slug-like through the twisty roads.

At Highlands the plan was to go east to Cashiers and then come back down through the mountains on a different road. When Karen realized she had lost a bracelet, perhaps at the Cracker Barrel, we just turned around and went back the way we came. The leaves were just as pretty going this way and unfortunately the OTMs were just as slow.

Back at the Cracker Barrel in Anderson the bracelet was not to be found. Hopefully Kurt will find it next time the car gets vacuumed.

After passing through the little burg of Calhoun Falls Rudy radioed up and asked what everyone’s gas situation was, he was below the little tick mark that possibly represents 1/4 tank. Brian was above it but said that they would stop in the next town, McCormick, about 25 miles down the road. Finding gas in McCormick was harder than it should have been at 6:00 PM on a Saturday. The first place we tried had plastic bags over the hose handles and the next two were closed. We finally found a place that was open, and as you can guess it was a busy little spot.

A little farther down the road we split up as Rudy and Lee stayed on 28 to head on home, while Brian, Donna, Kurt and Karen crossed the Clarks Hill Dam and headed into Augusta to get some dinner.

When Donna & I got home 14-1/2 hours after we left, we had covered 380 miles, averaging out to 26 MPH for the trip.

Swamp Tour Photo

It wasn’t exactly a full moon, it was more like a waning gibbous with 95% of the visible disk illuminated, but it still was fun.

The bright light in the background isn’t the moon, it is a plane coming in for a landing at Augusta Regional Airport.

10 Years Ago This Month – September 2000

MCA Poker Run

Date: Saturday, September 23, 2000
Time: 12:00 Noon
Place:MCA HQ in Alpharetta, GA
Members Attending: Brian Bogardus, Donna Bogardus, Cindy Timmerman, Stacey Timmerman and Anita Wylds.

The Bogarduses and Anita drove over to Atlanta together, but separately, through the remains of Tropical Storm Earl on Friday night. Most of the journey was spent at 55 MPH on I-20 with the windshield wipers slapping back and forth. Ask Anita about her exciting river fording.

Anita spent the night at Carol Arrington’s house, a friend of hers, and they made it to the MCA HQ first. Brian & Donna slumbered peacefully at the AmeriSuites in Alpharetta and were next to arrive. Not long after Brian & Donna got there, in pulled Stacey & Cindy who had driven over that morning. We all signed in together and each car was given two tickets to be used for the door prize drawing later in the day.

We had planned on running the thing together, but because of the way we were parked Anita made it out about 10 cars ahead of the Bogarduses and the Timmermans, who then didn’t see her again until about half way through the 110 mile loop. After about 5 turns (in the first 3 miles) we came across a white car parked on the side of the road. They jumped in line behind us, we were now a caravan of three. Their passenger/navigator figured it would be a lot easier to follow someone else, than try and keep up with the myriad twists and turns that had been written out on 5 full size pages. She was right. I counted later, there were 68 separate bits of instructions, phew! Cindy did a masterful job of keeping our group of cars on the right track.

A few miles after checkpoint #3 we pulled into gas station for a well deserved pit stop. Here we introduced ourselves to our white Miata caboose occupants, Chris and Amy Berard. Amy teaches school and Chris is going to school, to be a Chiropractor. They live in Marrietta just around the corner from Rspeed, which I’m not sure if this would be a blessing or a curse.

To give the Timmermans a break from the pressure, Brian & Donna agreed to lead from this point. After only a few more miles and lots of turns we caught up to Anita & Carol. They didn’t stay with us long as Anita pulled over for what we thought was to put the top up, it was lightly sprinkling, but she was just taking a driving break as she hadn’t taken one earlier when we did.

Shortly after that, we caught up with Ron Merritt from the Foothills Club. Ron was the tail end of a line of 7 Miatas. Donna breathed a sigh of relief as she folded up the directions, because now we could just follow these guys. This group was moving at a pretty good clip and Brian & Donna and Chris & Amy hung on for dear life. Stacey & Cindy stayed at saner speeds and soon dropped from our rearview mirrors. The nine of us ran 30 miles together and pulled into stop #4, the Buford Dam, together. After you got your card, there was a photographer taking your picture. He handed you his card and said go look at your photo on his site. I went and looked about a week later, can’t imagine he sold many. Just your standard 2 people waving from a car shot, the background wasn’t even interesting.

Due to traffic exiting checkpoint #4, the group was now reduced down to 2. The pressure was back on Donna & Brian to lead the last 16 miles back to the start. After some quick calculations to correct for mileage (we were almost 2 miles off at the 96 mile mark) our samba line of two cars made the last dozen turns together and pulled into the MCA parking lot.

Nobody had a real decent hand from our group, in fact Anita’s was “sooooo bad” that she has blocked out the painful memory of it. Brian & Donna ended up with a pair of eights, the exact same hand they had last year. MCA President Vince Tidwell (who is either a really wonderful guy or evil incarnate depending which side of the current Club/Magazine controversy you are on) was standing there and commented that if we combined the two, we would have 2 pair. I said no, we would have had four of a kind, but either way it wouldn’t have won, because the highest hand that day was a straight flush.

Lunch consisted of plenty of BBQ and all the fixin’s. The Master’s group, which included Chris & Amy (honorary members-for-a-day,) commandeered a table in the sunshine and set about to talk and eat the afternoon away.

About the time they got around to picking door prizes Anita & Carol had to go. Carol had to get back home before her babysitter started charging for overtime. Brian said just leave the tickets with him and if they draw her name he’d give her the prize. Wink, wink, nod, nod.

Sure enough, about 5 numbers into the prize drawings, up came one of Anita’s numbers. She won a Mequires detailing kit (Quick Detailer, Leather Conditioner & some Endurance Tire Shine.) Maybe another half dozen numbers later, up went Brian’s arm again. Anita’s other number had come up, this time it was good for a Hela halogen maplight (one of those goose neck things that plugs into the cigarette lighter.) Wouldn’t you know it, a few numbers later one of Brian’s number was picked. When his arm went up for the third time, good natured boos and hisses emanated from the crowd. Jealousy is an ugly thing. When you get a card from the Bogarduses this Christmas it will have a Red Miata on the front.

They also had a couple of plaques to give out. The good natured boos sounded again for a Peachtree member as he won a plaque for lowest VIN and highest mileage. He has a 1990 with a VIN in the low hundreds and over 375,000 miles on it. Apparently he has quite a collection of awards for these categories at home.

September Miatas For Breakfast

When: Saturday, September 18, 2010
When: 7:15 am to 10:00 am
Where: Home Café
Where: 1001 N Bypass E aka
Where: GA Rte. 17
Where: Washington, GA

We’ll head north and west this Saturday to beautiful Washington, GA. Rendezvous at the Lowes near Belair & Washington Rds. Departure time 7:30 for a 45-minute drive to breakfast. Afterwards, we’ll stroll around historic downtown Washington. When we return to the Augusta area, join us for Arts in the Heart of Augusta downtown.
Event Coordinator: Dave & Autumn Schumacher

Breakfast Etiquette:
Order Breakfast
Sit Where We Fit
Tip your Waitstaff
Defer to “Regulars”

September Miatas for Breakfast

When: Saturday, September 18, 2010
Where: Home Café
1001 N Bypass E aka
GA Rte. 17
Washington, GA

We’ll head north and west this Saturday to beautiful Washington, GA.  Rendezvous at the Lowes near Belair & Washington Rds.  Departure time 7:30 for a 45-minute drive to breakfast.  Afterwards, we’ll stroll around historic downtown Washington.    When we return to the Augusta area, join us for Arts in the Heart of Augusta downtown.
Event Coordinator: Dave & Autumn Schumacher

Breakfast Etiquette:
Order Breakfast
Sit Where We Fit
Tip your Waitstaff
Defer to “Regulars”