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November Miatas for Breakfast

photos by Winkler/Haff

Rally Master Dave Winkler was gassing up when we arrived at the meeting point and not long after that the Schumachers arrived with their top down (someone forgot to tell them that 40 degrees is cold or quite possibly they were getting acclimated for their Thanksgiving trip to Chicago.) Then in rapid succession the Wilmoths and the Nicholls arrived.

Dave had a nice little map prepared with three different routes, blue, pink or yellow and along with the map he had prepared, turn by turn directions, that were handed out at the Navigator’s Meeting. After some discussion the pink route was selected by the Goldilocks method, i.e. blue was too short and yellow was too long, but pink was just right. The route included a windy circuitous course through an older Augusta neighborhood that was littered with traffic calming measures and beautiful trees that were stubbornly holding onto their colored leaves.

Unfortunately Dave did not have a navigator and about midway through the neighborhood a brief period of creeping and pausing resulted in a u-turn to get back on track. We made it the restaurant to find two Miatas waiting on us. The Haffs and the Garners were already inside and had the staff put enough tables together to seat ten. But our 9, plus their 4, meant we needed to drag another table over. Just about the time we got that in place, prospective member Ralf Wilms arrived and we had to steal a table for two right out from underneath a couple as they were finishing up.

Our waitress was marvelously efficient and attentive to all the calls for coffee and the food was the always good Sunrise Grill fare. From personal experience I would stay away from the Caribbean Pancakes, sometimes four items that sound great, when fixed together, don’t come out that great.


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