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Nearly Bugless Splat

The MMC held its 11th Annual Bug Splat Rally last night. Can we call it that even if we skipped the year? The first one was in 1999 and for some reason there wasn’t one in 2002. OK, let’s call it the 10th Annual…

We had six cars manned by 11 wannabe exterminators show up for Mediterranean food before taking it to the street. Maybe the rain showers in the area scared a few participants off, I know it scared off the bugs. We dodged the rain and almost all of the bugs too.

The Biggest Bug Trophy ended up in the hands a new member couple, Dave & Devona Eastman, with their 3″ long streak of moth wing dust. The Closest to the Target was awarded to a small speck of suspected insect about a half inch away from Avery Green Dot on Bumblebee piloted and navigated by a pair of Schumachers. Once again Most Bugs, Garners, and Cleanest Car, Wilmoths, Awards were given to the cars that showed up for the run in that condition. The only folks that didn’t come home winners were the Bogarduses, who in spite of having the lead car advantage, finished in mid pack of of all the categories and last year’s Biggest Bug trophy winner, Denny Smith, whose wife will be ecstatic that he wouldn’t be bringing that monstrosity home again.


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