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Perseid Peeping Its Raining

And it looks like it will either be raining or big clouds will be blocking the direction of the meteor’s origination. I would put it off until tomorrow, but the is supposed to be as bad. Maybe next year…

Tonight is the peak of the annual Perseid meteor shower, but it is not a one day affair, so Donna and I thought maybe a trip to see meteors might be fun to do tomorrow when it is not a “school” night.

Even though they say the best time for viewing is after midnight, some say the longest streaks are to be seen just after dark when the radiant is closest to the horizon.

All we have is an idea and a rough plan. We need to be out in the sticks with a view to the northeast, so our first thought was the Georgia side of Clarks Hill Dam. If you are game, meet us at the Baskin & Robbins at 4366 Washington Rd in Evans at 8:00 PM tomorrow night, August 13th. We’ll have ice cream, chat, drive to the dam, watch the sky until we are amazed or bored and then go home.

2 comments to Perseid Peeping Its Raining

  • Carol H.

    Just left a note on your blog – before checking this event listing and seeing it was canceled. Six of us were at the Baskin-Robbins (had a nice visit with everyone and some good ice cream!). Sorry we didn’t connect…maybe next time.

  • I checked the radar at 6:45 (it was raining here in Aiken) and although the B & R meeting locale looked like it was relatively clear, there were a lot of storms in the area of the dam. I did the future track on the Weather Channel site and it showed rain sticking around up there until well after 11:00PM, so I canceled it. We checked again about 8:00 and the rain had diminished near Clark’s Hill and the future track was now showing not much rain to come up there. By then it was too late. Sorry.