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10 Years Ago This Month – July 2000

Pool Party

Date: Saturday, July 15, 2000
Time: 11:00 AM
Place: Georgia Welcome Center
Members Attending: Bill Baugh, Bonnie Baugh, Brian Bogardus, Donna Bogardus, Karen, Breitinger, Kurt Breitinger, Jim Creer, Judy Creer, Carol Haff, John Haff and Rudy Wilmoth.
Guests Attending: Jim & Peta Culley.

Everyone except the Bogarduses met at the Welcome Center for the short drive to the Creer Estate. Brian and Donna beeped on their way by (nobody heard) to the Club P.O. Box to check the mail before ending up at the water filled hole in the ground behind 4047 Fairfax Street in Martinez.

As always there was more food than mouths. The Creer’s provided the bratwurst and hot dogs as well as all the fixin’s. Donna brought her world famous chicken & sausage shish-ka-bobs. John brought his blue ribbon cheese cake. I’m sorry if I forgot what everyone else brought, but there was plenty of high-octane human food. And then to top it off we had to suffer through some homemade peach ice cream, oh the pain.

After eating most of us tried in vain to burn some of the calories consumed by thrashing around in the pool. Jim has this huge inflatable dragon that is as hard to tame as U.S. Highway 129 between North Carolina and Tennessee. A lot of us tried to ride it only to be thrown off repeatedly. Some had more success than others, notably Carol, and it turns out this dragon requires a smooth and balanced application of power mixed with healthy respect just like the Gap. Because this is a family oriented publication we won’t even go into where the inflation valve on this green monster is.

Because Brian was only 2 weeks removed from knee surgery he really couldn’t do any diving, as such the 3rd Annual Big Splash contest never did get off the board (so to speak.) Jim tried a few wave makers but, nobody else joined in.

We ate, we swam, and the afternoon wore on. It wasn’t until only about half the attendees were left that we realized that we were supposed to have a meeting and elect the new slate of officers. Oh well, it’s not like the club will cease to exist. We’ll do it next time. Times like this just reinforce this year’s Presidential nominee, Rudy’s, idea for a separate business meeting. We get together for these rally’s and are too busy having fun to worry about mundane issues….

Miata Mystery Meal (fka Monthly Dinner Meeting)

We’re changing how we’re doing our monthly meetings.  Instead of everyone driving separately to the restaurant and then leaving separately, we will first meet to have a short business meeting, and then caravan to the designated restaurant.  The purpose of this activity is to increase the visibility of our club and to drive more together as a club.  It will also provide a fixed location for new members to meet up with our club before joining us on a drive.

As your president, I will organize the August business meeting and restaurant.  I will hand out or send by US Mail the assignments for the rest of the months.  You may trade with anyone if you cannot do your designated month.

The designated organizer of the monthly meal will plan a short drive to the selected restaurant to follow our regularly scheduled 1st-Thursday-of-the-month Business Meeting.  There is no reason we can’t continue using any of the former restaurants, or any new restaurant the organizer chooses.  The pre-dinner drive should should neither be direct nor lengthy.  If possible, consider taking the club through one or more of the 10,000 subdivisions in the CSRA so that folks can actually see the club caravan.

Here are the rules:

Our business meeting will always be at:

Little Mexico Restaurant
614 Edgefield Rd. (aka US25)
North Augusta, SC

It’s about 1/2 mile towards North Augusta from I-20 Exit 5, on the right.  (This location is easy to get to from all directions and is about as centrally located as I could come up with.)

The business meeting starts promptly @ 6:30 p.m.  If at all typical, the Business Meeting will end about 6:45 p.m.

As a courtesy to Little Mexico restaurant, I would encourage members to arrive early for a social hour at Little Mexico to share beverages and appetizers before our business meeting.  I will be there no later than 5:45 pm on the days of our Business Meetings.

At 6:45 p.m. (or later, at the conclusion of the business meeting) the organizer of the drive and dinner will hand out a sealed business envelope to each driver with a 1-page description of the route and meal destination.  Up until this point, the location of the restaurant shall remain a mystery.  Members must be present at the conclusion of the business meeting to receive an envelope.  No, you cannot “just meet us there.”

We will depart immediately for the restaurant, with the organizer in the lead.

When we arrive at the designated restaurant, we should endeavor to park together in a spot visible to passing traffic.  The organizer may pre-arrange parking with the restaurant to facilitate this.

Breakfast in Edgefield

I expected maybe 4 or 5 cars to show for breakfast, but pretty much double that showed up. Donna and I, Rudy and Patty Wilmoth, Larry & Rita Garner, Denny Smith in yet another yellow Miata (his third), Dave & Autumn Schumacher, Stacey & Cindy Timmerman, Kurt Breitinger and Dave Winkler. Also including Fred & Betty Garren who came all the way from Chapin, SC.

We zigged and zagged a bit to get from Martintown Rd over to Sweetwater Rd that takes you right into the square in downtown Edgefield and is such a pretty drive. There was only one other person in the Ten Governors Cafe when we got there, and as we usually do, we made ourselves right at home and because it was a buffet restaurant, we didn’t need to bother with that whole pesky ordering thing. The proprietor kept the coffee coming and we spent a pleasant hour or so eating and gabbing.

Welcome to Historic Edgefield, home of ten governors, several gaily painted turkeys and temporarily 9 Miatas.
I’m not sure how long this cafe has been here, but it is a good bet not all ten governors ate here.
Obligatory car line up photo…

July Miatas For Breakfast

Date: Saturday, July 17th
Time: 7:00 to 10:00 AM

Join your fellow Miata Club members for some coffee, a bit of gossip, more coffee, a morning meal and maybe one more refill of coffee.

We will meet at 7:00AM at the Circle K at 1132 W Martintown Rd, just south of I-20 Exit #1, for the 20 mile scenic drive to the Ten Governors Cafe in Edgefield, SC 803-637-9050‎. Ten Governors serves a breakfast buffet for $4.95, beverages are a buck more. Menu.

Afterward we will return to North Augusta via SC 23 & SC 230, optionally ending up at the Arts & Heritage Center in the new Municipal Building, so we can stuff the People’s Choice Ballot Box for member Carol Haff’s entry in the Augusta Photography Festival. Admission is $3 and Carol promises to reimburse us our entry fee if she wins.

Event Coordinator: Brian & Donna Bogardus 803-642-0767

Breakfast Etiquette:
Order Breakfast
Sit Where We Fit
Tip your Waitstaff
Defer to “Regulars”


Once again we had another spectacular fireworks event at Fort Gordon. The Weatherman cooperated and our group consisting of more OTMs than Miatas left the Cracker Barrel at 7:03 for the slow drive to Fort Gordon. Carnival rides replaced our usual spot so we headed to the center of the field and picked out a new prime location. We had various picnic dinners to include everything from green apple wine to funnel cakes. A Jimmy Buffet band entertained us while we waited for the real show to begin. The fireworks were explosive and our resident Photographer Carol Haff shared some of her great shots. We all rushed for our cars after the show and had a nice wait for the drive home.