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Masters Miata Club Anniversary Banquet

Place: Old Edgefield Grill,

202 Penn St.
Edgefield, SC 29824
(803) 637-3222
Please watch this site for details.

Event Coodinator: David Schumacher

Abbeville Opera House Trip

Where: Abbeville Opera House at 100 Court Square in historic Abbeville South Carolina.

We’ll begin by gathering at the Sonic Drive-in on Highway 25, near Interstate 20 South Carolina exit 5 at 11:30 AM. We’ll be leaving promptly at 11:45 AM for a leisurely, scenic drive to Abbeville SC for luncheon at the Abbeville Grill at 1:15 PM. Following lunch we’ll take a stroll around the town and end up at the Opera House for the 3:00 Matinee performance of “Forever Plaid”, a musical. Find out more about the Historic Opera House and play by visiting their website: Abbeville Opera House. Reservations have been made for those members who replied as requested, but some balcony tickets may be available (at $17 each) for late comers and procrastinators.

After the play we’ll drive to beautiful Greenwood SC for a leisurely dinner at Orde’s of England Traditional British Restaurant and Pub, for which we’ve made reservations. Visit their website at www.ordes-of-england.com. Then we’ll head home.

Event Coordinator: J & J Nicholls 803-278-6724

February Miatas for Breakfast

Place: 778 Boardman Rd, Aiken, SC – map

Due to Donna’s recent illness we have not had the time to plan anything. Right now we pretty sure she will be out of the hospital by Saturday and would love to see some people. So here is the tentative plan, we will have a BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakfast) on Saturday morning at our house. Make your own small breakfast to bring along or stop and pick something up on the way.

Event Coordinator: the Bogardi

February Meeting

Place: Veracruz Mexican Restaurant #2 in Augusta (706) 772-9303 – map

Veracruz Mexican Restaurant #2 is located at 3216 Peach Orchard Rd, Augusta, GA. Come out and have dinner with some Miata enthusiasts. There will be a short meeting after entrée ordering to discuss any old business and/or new business.

Event Coordinator: John Nicholls 803-278-6724

January Miatas For Breakfast

Location: Sunrise Grill, 3830 Washington Rd. (In the K-Mart Plaza) Martinez, GA – map (706-228-4883) Join your fellow Miata Club members for some coffee, a bit of gossip, more coffee, a morning meal, maybe one more refill of coffee before…

After breakfast you can go home or you can go bowling. I suggest you man up (or woman up as the case may be) and get yourself to the Brunswick National Lanes just down the street at 3067 Washington Road.

Event Coordinator: Dave Winkler 706-860-6060

Breakfast Etiquette:
Order Breakfast
Sit Where We Fit
Tip your Waitstaff
Defer to “Regulars”