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10 Years Ago This Month – December 1999

Christmas Parade

Date: Saturday, December 4, 1999
Time: 2:00 PM
Place: Leavelle McCampbell Middle School
Members Attending: Shawn Arrowood, Bill Baugh, Bonnie Baugh, Jim Creer, Judy Creer, Jill Dobson, Mario Polizzi, Rudy Wilmoth, Anita Wylds & Mom, and Brian Wynne.

Wendy Creer reported that her car went to the Christmas parade without her, “Dad and Mom took my car as Dad’s car is still not feeling well these days. I don’t know how much candy they threw, but I’m still finding Tootsie Rolls and gum balls in my car.”

Brian W borrowed his Miata back to be in the parade. Jill could hardly believe she talked him into decorating his former car??? He probably did it because he no longer owns it!!!

Shawn resurrected Bluedolph the Red-Nosed Miata. It was Bill & Bonnie’s first parade and they really got in the spirit as they had a whole Victorian Christmas Village on the trunk of their car. It was also Rudy’s first parade and the following are his thoughts:

About the parade, first I got lost, yeah I know. I missed my turn and using the map, I went the other way, away from town. Arriving a few minutes late, I met Bill and Bonnie Baugh and then started to decorate my car. While we were decorating their cars we were assaulted by our next door neighbor the KICKS 99 van playing LOUD country music the whole time.

I spent the previous night driving all over town trying to find something to decorate my car with, and using the pictures of last years parade I pieced together something classy to enter with. I had also gone to Sam’s and bought two 5 lb. bags of Brocks hard candy and one 5 lb. bag of little Tootsie Rolls thinking I had enough to last. Wrong!

The parade started and then it was our turn to go. Bluedolph was our leader and I ended up in third place in our line. I emptied my bags into a wash bucket for scrubbing cars with and it was filled it right up. I put some Jimmy Hendrix into my tape player to drown out Dwight Yoakam blaring in our ears, but as we started I realized that it was not Christmas music so I got out my Peanuts Christmas CD and played it. As we started I saw just how many people were there and they ALL had grocery bags. As we went we would move a little then stop move a little and stop, the whole time I was riding my clutch and later felt the famous left foot cramp the price for being too busy to notice.

As we moved I tossed candy and tried to judge the throw and the amount to toss as I had both hands flinging and trying to stay up with the others and then turn around and not run up someone’s tailpipe. If I had a big bunch of people I tried to toss more and as we went I didn’t know how long the parade was, so I tossed and tossed. By the time we hit the center of town I had thrown about half, so I cut back. Some of the people I work with were there and knowing me a few came up and grabbed a handful of candy. I tried to bribe the judges with a handful of candy to sway the vote but I believe they were the only ones not participating in the scramble for loot.

As I ran out of candy, I found some in the seats and around the floor of the car, an for a time I was tossing as fast as I could grab it, but I soon totally ran out of candy.

Seeing everyone with bags of candy and wanting more, made me wonder what had happened to their Halloween candy, it was scary and bizarre. And some of the kids threw back the candy if they didn’t like it. As we neared the end, I was tired of the whole thing. My quivering left foot and running out of candy didn’t help. As we parked and undecorated our cars I felt like the whole thing didn’t mean much to these people, then I realized that this was not for fun, IT WAS FOR THE CANDY.

December Quick Meeting

A brief meeting before the Holiday Party to discuss any old business and/or new business.

Event Coordinator: John Nicholls 803-278-6724

Christmas Party

Place: 658 Savannah Barony Drive, North Augusta – map (closer to the end of the cul-de-sac – watch for the lighted Miatas – thanks John!)

Here’s some more details on the upcoming Christmas Party.  We will be getting a spiral cut ham and I am making either a multi-cheese white lasagna or baked spaghetti.  Maybe some other entrees if I’m feeling ambitious.  We will have an assortment of NA beverages, and feel free to bring spirits of your choice.  Please bring a dish to pass (appetizer, side dish or dessert).  RSVP (phone or email) with what you’d like to bring.  Later in the week I’ll update this with any additional needs and a tally of how things are balancing out.  Also, bring an inexpensive gift for our annual gift exchange.

This is the prettiest time of year at the Schumacher’s (if it’s not raining) so feel free to come a bit early and catch the sunset; they’ve been spectacular of late.  We can munch on appetizers and get in the Holiday spirit!

Please watch this site for additional details.
Event Coordinators: the Schumachers sbphone2.jpg