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January 2010 Planning Meeting

Place: Eejay’s in Aiken – map

Eejay’s is located at 1680 Richland Ave W in the same shopping center as Rose’s. We should be able to get the back room, so we’ll be able to kick around ideas and arrive at consensus without bothering others.

Looking at next year’s blank calendar, it occurs to me that if each couple or individual club member would plan and lead one or two events sometime during the year, then all of us would have the opportunity to participate in at least one event each month and nobody would be unduly burdened. I’m therefore asking every voting member to do just that: Plan and lead at least one MMC event during 2010. Sound familiar? It’s the same theory that met with limited success last year, but I know we’ll all do better in 2010!

If you cannot attend the planning meeting at EEJays on January seventh, just let me know what date you’d like to reserve and I’ll make sure we get your event on the calendar. If I don’t hear from you we’ll reserve an available date for you and adjust as necessary at a later date.

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