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Christmas Party

Place: 658 Savannah Barony Drive, North Augusta – map (closer to the end of the cul-de-sac – watch for the lighted Miatas – thanks John!)

Date: Saturday, December 12

Time: ~5:00p – 5:39p; 5:41p-10:30p

Looks like we’ll be about 15 for the party, with a nice assortment of dishes on the way. Our main course will be a spiral cut ham and a 5-cheese white lasagna. We will have an assortment of NA beverages including hot apple cider; feel free to bring spirits of your choice. Don’t forget to bring an inexpensive gift for our annual gift “exchange.”

Now the forecast is calling for rain all day Saturday, and Autumn even heard “a chance of sleet.” Feel free to bring the OTM if the weather outside is frightful. There will be lots of warmth and good cheer inside at the Schumacher’s Saturday evening!

Event Coordinators: the Schumachers sbphone.jpg

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