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10 Years Ago This Month

A Day At The Beach

Date: Saturday, June 26, 1999
Time: 8:00 AM
Place: South Carolina Welcome Center
Members Present: Shawn Arrowood, Brian Bogardus, Donna Bogardus, Karen Breitinger, Kurt Breitinger, David Brock, Noel Brock, Hilda Delionbach, Leroy Delionbach, Carol Haff, John Haff, Cindy Timmerman, Stacey Timmerman and Rudy Wilmoth.

Kurt had a commitment and headed home, alone. Karen didn’t want to miss an opportunity to spend the day at the beach, so she elected to ride down with Shawn. There was a forecast of a 40% chance of rain for the day, and it was quite cloudy, but what the heck, a drive with food at the end always attracts a crowd. So what if it rains, but maybe the weather did keep a few people away.

Leroy led the 7-car caravan down some backroads to Aiken. While traveling through town we got an impromptu audio tour of the city over the CB, one of the highlights was the location of the Delionbach’s cat’s Vet.

First stop for the day was at a McDonalds in Orangeburg for pit stops, 1st and/or 2nd breakfasts plus some arm chair racing. Next came the high-speed jaunt down I-26 to Charleston. Drone, drone, drone. Just outside of town we made a second quick stop at a rest area for some, well, rest, after 70 miles of interstate it felt good to stretch. From there it was a short jaunt to the beach on Isle of Palms.

Just as we were crossing the last bridge to get to the shore the clouds that had been with us all morning parted and the sun came out. Neat trick. Waiting at the beach house were our hosts Jill Dobson and Brian Wynne. Already there too, were Larry, Janice, JR and Michelle Alster. Larry was disappointed for just a minute or two that Jim Creer hadn’t made the trip, he had just finished turbocharging the Silver Bullet and wanted to swap tales of forced induction.

Folks proceeded to unload all their beach chairs, towels, etc. Also adding the foodstuffs they brought to the already overflowing spread provided by Jill and Brian W. The charcoal was just about ready for cooking after an emergency run to the Red & White for starter fluid. Apparently it doesn’t take long for MatchlightÒ to lose its potency in the beach atmosphere. Now all that was left was to find a sucker, er, volunteer to do the cooking. Just about the time Jill was mentioning this to Donna, Brian B. passed by innocently on his way somewhere, next thing he knew he was putting on an apron that said “Kiss the Cook.” Turns out cooking 3,000 hamburgers and 1,000 hot dogs isn’t so bad when there is a steady breeze off the beach to keep the smoke out of one’s eyes.

After the feast some folks went walking on the beach and some swimming, but quite a few went napping. The hammocks were, as usual, the most sought after spots, a close second was any one of the numerous beds or couches inside the air-conditioned house. The rest of the afternoon was spent just shooting the breeze and all too soon 5 PM rolled around and it was time to hit the road.

The seven car caravan down became smaller groups on the way home. Some as small as one. Donna and I wanted to go back River Road (SC61) to avoid the dreaded interstate. John and Carol thought that sounded good also. Rudy checked his atlas said he’d join us as well. We agreed on a meeting point on the other side of Charleston as we were headed through the heart of the city and didn’t want to do anything crazy just to stay together. Turns out that making a left out the beach house driveway was the hardest part. The Haff’s and us stayed together and we waited at the rendezvous point, but no Rudy. He had chatted a little too long with Larry and Shawn and never did see us on the road. Rudy then missed the turn for SC61 and when he discovered his error knew that he wouldn’t make the link up so he just headed home on I-26. In Rudy’s defense, I almost missed the SC61 turn off, and I knew where to look for it (the only sign was overgrown with kudzu or something.) Our little 2-car parade had a fairly pleasant ride as we watched the thunderclouds and lightning off to our west and wondered if we would make it home with the tops down. Nope, just outside of Bamburg we had to make a quick pull off to raise our roofs.

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