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10 Years Ago This Month

Double Drive In

Date: May 22, 1999
Time: 6:45 PM
Place: Sonic Drive-In, Belvedere, SC
Members Present: Nicholas Arrowood, Shawn Arrowood, Zachary Arrowood, Brian Bogardus, Donna Bogardus, Karen Breitinger, Kurt Breitinger, David Brock, Noel Brock, Jim Creer, Judy Creer, Jill Dobson, Wes Garin, Carol Haff, John Haff, Sean Kelly, Andrea Thorton, Cindy Timmerman, Stacey Timmerman, Cheryl Van Horn, Ernest Van Horn, Rudy Wilmoth, Anita Wylds and Brian Wynne.

It took a while to get our caravan all in a row because of the left turn leaving the Sonic. Fortunately the first few miles of US 25 North is four-lane divided highway which made it relatively easy to get all the cars lined up. The route was probably familiar to some, as it is the same way we headed to Columbia a couple of months back, but the drive was still gorgeous due to just a hint of chill in the air and to the slowing setting sun.

The weekend before the event Donna and I went up to the Big-Mo to iron out the last few details. We talked to somebody who was outside putting up the letters to spell the movie titles and he told us that we should get to the drive-in around 8:30, so this is what we aimed for. Obviously he must have meant 7:30. Our merry band arrived at about 8:40 and when we pulled in, the place was already packed. We did find a place to put our 12 cars in a line, in the sixth row on the left end.
When you pull in to a parking spot there is the familiar metal pole to park next to, but it looks empty, what gives? There are no speakers. Nothing to hang on your window/door, nothing to forget about as you drive off, ripping the cord off and breaking your window, no tinny sound. Isn’t modern technology great? You now turn your FM radio to 89.4 and the movie sound comes out of your car speakers, cool.

Some of the non-Miata folks had brought boom boxes so as not to wear down their car batteries. That set a few of the members to worrying about running down their expensive little gel batteries. If you had a high power amp hooked to a sub-woofer and turned up the volume so everyone within a ½ mile could hear it, maybe. Fortunately the Miata is really light making it easy to push start if this did happen.

The movies for tonight were, first, “The Mummy” and second, “Life.” At around 9:00, after several 50’s style concession stand enticements, the show began, no previews, right into ancient Egypt.
I don’t know if it was because the screen looked smaller than my TV or what, but I just couldn’t get into the movie. Maybe it would have been a lot better if it took place in the present day and added some Miata car chases.

Donna and I, as well as some others, left after the first feature, as it was getting well past our bedtime. More stayed than left, I think. We may try this again in the fall, but if we do we will be sure and get there earlier so as to get a better spot.

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