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Miata 20 Years

At the 1989 Chicago Auto Show Mazda unveiled its new sports car, the Miata. Right now twenty years later at the same Chicago Auto Show it is unveiling the freshened third generation version of that same sports car. Motorsports Books has recently published a new book by Larry Edsall, Miata 20 Years, that is an excellent guide to the history of my (and possibly your) favorite car.

If you would like to know how the Miata was born (an auto journalist’s response to a car executive’s question), how it got where it is today (Guinness World Record’s best-selling sports car with over 850,000 made) and everything in between, then this book is for you.

Even if you think you know everything there is to know about the Miata, this book is still for you, as you’re bound to find some stuff you didn’t know. I did, and that is a tall order because I’ve owned three Miatas since 1989, I have a 14 year collection of the original Miata Magazine, I used to read the big mailing list back when (can you say 200 emails a day) and now peruse the Miata.net Forum with regularity.

If you are thinking about buying your first book on the Miata, start with this one, for the list price of $25 you get nearly 200 pages full of information, color photographs and illustrations that will keep you entertained for days.

If you already have a bunch of books on the Miata, this would still make a nice addition just for its trick 2-layer front cover. Looking at the book you see an overhead view of the car with its top up, unfold the right side top flap (lightly magnetized) and now it is an overhead view with the top down.

You can get the book direct from the publisher, on Amazon or possibly your local big box bookstore.*

*Ethics Disclaimer: The publisher gave me a copy of the book because I said I would write this review.**

**Ethics Disclaimer, Sub Paragraph B: Had I known Miata 20 Years existed before that happened, it would have already been on my Amazon Wish List…

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