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To My Friends In The Masters Miata Club

John & TheresaI suppose you feel as though I fell of the face of the earth and perhaps I have. I am walking in the clouds.

This past April, Theresa and I took a trip to Italy where we not only enjoyed the food and scenary, but I proposed and she accepted! We had a friend snap a picture of the re-enactactment of the proposal and I’ve attached a copy to share with you.

Although we originally thought we would get married in August ’09, our plans accelerated and the wedding date is now November 15th. We will have a small wedding with immediate family and friends in the chapel at Theresa’s home church in Spartanburg.

When you decide to have a road trip to or through Spartanburg, please let me know. Spartanburg would be a fun place to visit. One suggestion for a destination is The Beacon, a nationally known and popular destination. The Beacon is a traditional drive in restaurant with 50’s atmosphere and lots (I mean lots) of parking. They’ve been featured on The Food Network and in several national magazines. I promise you won’t go away hungry. Just remember to take an extra Lipitor pill the morning you set out on the journey.

My last day at work here in Augusta is October 23rd. I will move to Spartanburg at the end of the month.

I wish everyone the best.

John Bowles

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