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Date: Saturday, August 23, 2008

Time: 08:45-11:00

Place: Brunswick Lanes (smoke free!)

Brunswick National Lanes map
3067 Washington Rd • Augusta, GA

Join us for a morning of arm stretching, gutter-balling and fun as we attempt to conquer the lanes. Afterwards, we’ll lunch at nearby Rhinehart’s, it should be nice enough to sit out on the patio.

Shoe rental: $3.99. $3.99/game. We’ll play until it’s time for lunch.

Note: The lanes are NOT on Washington Road. They’re BEHIND the Toyota dealership about 0.25 mi. back. You can turn:

1) at Patriot’s Way traffic light (landmark: Rhinehart’s) ;

2) at the RollerRink sign or

3) at the Brunswick sign. The last two are obscure driveways.

Best to turn at the traffic light at Rhinehart’s and head on back.

Organizer: Dave Schumacher (706) 737-4816

2008 Bug Splat

Date: Saturday, August 9th

The slightly early start and the two brief rain showers we ran through on the loop conspired to make bugs scarce. Autumn Schumacher retains the Biggest Bug Trophy mostly because the bug that was on the nose of the car had legs. Carol Haff won the Closest to the Dot award. The Cleanest Car and Most Bugs awards were given out based on pre-rally car conditions with Rudy Wilmoth and Gail Shaw-Butler winners respectively.

Photos from the event can be found HERE