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Date: Saturday, August 23, 2008

Time: 08:45-11:00

Place: Brunswick Lanes (smoke free!)

Brunswick National Lanes map
3067 Washington Rd • Augusta, GA

Join us for a morning of arm stretching, gutter-balling and fun as we attempt to conquer the lanes. Afterwards, we’ll lunch at nearby Rhinehart’s, it should be nice enough to sit out on the patio.

Shoe rental: $3.99. $3.99/game. We’ll play until it’s time for lunch.

Note: The lanes are NOT on Washington Road. They’re BEHIND the Toyota dealership about 0.25 mi. back. You can turn:

1) at Patriot’s Way traffic light (landmark: Rhinehart’s) ;

2) at the RollerRink sign or

3) at the Brunswick sign. The last two are obscure driveways.

Best to turn at the traffic light at Rhinehart’s and head on back.

Organizer: Dave Schumacher (706) 737-4816

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