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July Meeting & Fireworks

Meeting Date: July 3, 2008
Meeting Time: 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm
Meeting Place: Cracker Barrel in Augusta, GA – map

Bring a picnic supper of your choice or there is plenty of food available there as we will drive over to Fort Gordon to hold an outdoor meeting and dinner. Topics discussed will be some old business, some new business, some reports and some other stuff. Then we will hang out for the music and fireworks at dark. Lookie here.

Event Coordinator: Patti Wilmoth 706-793-4536

June’s Miatas For Breakfast

Date:Saturday, June 21st
Time: 7:00 AM
Place: Sunrise Grill in North Augusta, SC – map

The Sunrise Grill is at 404 E Martintown Rd in North Augusta, behind Burger King next to Kroger. After eating we will drive to Billy’s Superstore in Trenton to rendezvous with any non breakfast people before heading over to line up for the Peach Festival parade.

Event Coordinator: the Bogardi 803-642-0767

June Meeting Minutes

Where: Monterey Mexican Restaraunt in North Augusta, SC
When: June 5, 2008
Who: Donna & Brian Bogardus, Jackie & John Nicholls, Dave & Autumn Schumacher, Stacey & Cindy Timmerman, Rudy & Patti Wilmoth and Dave Winkler.

Treasurer’s Report: $1,200.00.

Past Events:

  1. The Wilmoths, the Nichols and the Schumachers Saved the Pigs, but unfortunately at the expense of chickens and other barnyard animals.
  2. The canoing trip on the black waters of the Editso River was lightly attended. Only the organizers, the Schumachers, were brave enough to undertake the thrilling adventure.
  3. Five couples from five cars dined in epicurean delight at the Sonic before two went home and three went to the Big Mo.

Future Events:

  1. The June breakfast is on the 21st and will be followed by the Peach Parade.

Actual Business:

  1. Last month was nomination month, we totally missed it. This month was supposed to be elections of last month nominatees. Being the efficient Club we are, we did both at the same time by using last year’s nominees and reelecting the same crew all over again.

The next month’s meeting will possibly be at Fort Gordon to see the fireworks – watch this space.

Respectfully submitted:
Donna Bogardus
Club Secretary

May Meeting Minutes

Where: Sconyer’s BBQ in Augusta, GA
When: May 1, 2008
Who: Bill & Bonnie Baugh, Donna & Brian Bogardus, Gail & Miller Butler, Larry & Rita Garner, Jackie & John Nicholls, Rudy & Patti Wilmoth and Dave Winkler.

Treasurer’s Report: Same as last month, Eleven hundred fifty-four Samolians.

Past Events:

  1. The Wilmoths, the Nichols and the Schumachers met at Al’s in North Augusta for the April Breakfast.
  2. Five cars played hide and seek with cryptic directions and obscure pictures in the annual TSD&T Rally on the 26th of April. The Schumachers were awarded 1st place for missing the milage target by a mere 4/10 of a mile and absolutely nailing the fuel usage question. The Wilmoths came in second by missing the time target by only 3 seconds inspite of traveling 7 miles further than required (must be the turbo.) The Bogarduses finished third by virture of the fact that the Winklers finished out of the time limit because they ran the course 4 times to get a run in without any missed turns. The Garners ran it with the cheat sheet (which they referred to just once) and had they trusted their instincts probably would have finished third.

Future Events:

  1. Save the Pigs in Columbia is Friday night the 16th of May.
  2. The following morning is the May breakfast in Aiken followed by the Edisto canoe trip.
  3. A trip to the Big Mo Drive in is scheduled for Saturday, the last day of May.

Actual Business:

  1. Zip.

The next meeting will be at Monterey Mexican Restaraunt in North Augusta on June 5th.

Respectfully submitted:
Donna Bogardus
Club Secretary

June Meeting

Place: Monterrey Mexican in North Augusta – map

Monterrey Mexican is located at 505 E Martintown Rd, North Augusta, SC. Come out and have dinner with some Miata enthusiasts. There will be a short meeting after entrée ordering to discuss old business and/or new business, if there is any and to nominate officers for 2008-2009.

Event Coordinator: John Nicholls 803-278-6724