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Big Mo Drive In

Meeting Place: Sonic, North Augusta, SC – map
Time: 6:00PM at the Sonic located off Exit 5 of I-20, north on US25.

We will leave the Sonic at 6:15, so if you plan to get something to eat, either come early or take it out and eat while we are in Line to get in. The route to the Drive-in is the old, tried and true, back roads drive that we have done before. You can leave the drive-in and go back home by going down Hwy 1 back to I-20 at any time you want. If you stay for both movies, you will get home around 1 or 2 AM, so it will be up to each car and family when you have enough fun for one night. 🙂

The movies at the drive-in are: theater #1; Indiana Jones and Iron Man, which I predict to be the first to fill up. At theater #2; What Happens In Vegas and Made of Honor, which is there for those who can’t get into theater #1 🙂 This why I want to leave early, the drive-in opens at 7PM and the movies start at 8:45 so we will have plenty of time to eat and talk before the movie. Admission is 6 dollars a person, cash only. Bring plenty of bug spray, maybe some chairs as it is cooler outside of the cars (might want to bring a sweater too) and maybe bring an FM radio for the movie sound if you sit outside your car to save the Miata’s battery.

Event Coordinator: Rudy Wilmoth 706-793-4536

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