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Updated: Miatas for Breakfast – January

Date: January 19, 2008

Time: About 7:40 a.m.

Place: Shirley’s Restaurant

207 S. Main St.

Saluda, S.C. 29138

(864) 445-2512

We will rendezvous at the CircleK gas station just north of the S.C. I-20 Exit 5 a little before 7.a.m. It’s a 34 mile trip to the restaurant, which actually is, and is hidden by, the Saluda Motel & Restaurant on the right side of the street. Those joining us from Aiken, we will look for you at the SC 121/US 25 intersection. Wait for us there at the gas station.

Event Coordinator: David Schumacher 706-737-4816

Breakfast Etiquette: Order Breakfast, Sit Where We Fit, Tip your Waitstaff, Defer to “Regulars.”

January Meeting Minutes

Where: Bobby’s BBQ in Graniteville, SC
When: January 3, 2008
Who: Bill & Bonnie Baugh, Donna & Brian Bogardus, Kurt & James Breitinger, Gail & Miller Butler, John & Carol Haff, Jackie & John Nicholls, Dave & Autumn Schumacher and Patti & Rudy Wilmoth.

Treasurer’s Report: $1,660.50 (John Haff kicked in a penny to make it an even fifty.)


  1. Past events were reviewed:
    1. The December breakfast was attended by a half dozen or so members and it was described as the Quintessential Miata Breakfast Joint.
    2. Everyone who attended thought the International Christmas Party was a great idea.
  2. Future events were previewed:
    1. The Anniversary Dinner is still in the planning stages, i.e. the committee chair didn’t really think too much about it over the holidays.
  3. There was no 50-50 raffle as the Treasurer’s mind was the same place as the Anniversary Chair’s, eggnog induced visions of sugar-plum fairies.

The regular meeting was adjourned and we spent the next couple hours hammering out the event calendar for 2008, the results of which you can find in the sidebar to the left of this post.

Respectfully submitted:
Donna Bogardus
Club Secretary


Hello to all and Happy New Year!
Just want everyone to know that we have not fallen off the planet! Amy and I have made the move from the Colony of South Park Aprtments in Aiken (Never did see any of those potty mouths kids there! :-)) to our house at 308 Woodbridge Drive, Aiken, SC 29801. This is in the Gatewood community. Our house is located just across from the Citizens Park entrance. In fact I am looking out the kitchen window at the ball field as I write.

These past two months have been very busy and hectic for us. January is beginning to look quite the same. But, we do plan to partake in the upcoming events the club plans, as soon as, we get adjusted here. Hopefully we can follow up with all of you during this months activities.

A brief update:

On my car, the Mx-5 Miata: This past weekend I received my first “Door Ding” from some ungratful B_______D! her in Aiken. I will be having that repaired and door repainted by the end of this month! Needless to say……… Well, I won’t go any further but to say the perputrator will someday get his!

The 7 MG-TC (I know its not club related) Over the holidays I managed to start her over after the rebuild. Looks like I will have it all back together by month’s end. I plan to bring it to Aiken in February. THIS is the original sports car with leaf springs, pinion gear steering, No radio and of course……. No Heater! This car currently resides at our pemanent home up in Greenville, SC.

If you happen tobe in the neighborhood, please stop by! We would like to see you. Please call in advance 864-313-6456 to make sure we’re home.

Happy Motoring!

Bruce and Amy Collins