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October’s Meeting Minutes

Where: Mi Rancho in Aiken, SC
When: October 4, 2007
Who: Donna & Brian Bogardus, Gail & Miller Butler, Jackie & John Nicholls, Dave & Autumn Schumacher, Stacey & Cindy Timmerman and Patti & Rudy Wilmoth.

Treasurer’s Report: $1,586.49

Old Business:

  1. Past events were reviewed:
    • The breakfast and the Gold Rush Festival in McCormick was a good time according to the small, but select group of attendees.
    • The Warner Robbins Museum of Aviation trip was a rousing success with several cars from our Club, the Peachtree Club and a couple cars from Mid-GA. Apparently the highlight of the event was the rally master’s attire, an International Orange Flight Suit, but alas no one thought to get a picture…
  2. Future events were previewed:
    • The Gold Rush Days/Octoberfest Trip to the GA mountains is set for the 19th-21st. Looks like a good group is going.
    • On the 27th of the month will be our fall Senior Drive for the residents of Elmcroft Assisted Living. Please make arrangements to attend as we usually have a good turnout of residents looking for a ride.
    • The breakfast on the 27th has been changed to a lunch that will follow the Elmcroft drive. We will head over to Sconyers BBQ and “pig” out.
    • November’s meeting will be at Rae’s Coastal Cafe in Augusta.
  3. Last meeting Dave Schumacher volunteered to lead the caravan of Club members down to The Low Country Club’s Miatas Doin’ the Charleston next May. Not long after he mentioned that the event it filled up, leaving Dave as the only MMC participant. I guess that means he should have an easy time keeping track of that caravan.
  4. October’s 50/50 raffle winners were Stacey Timmerman ($10) and Gail Miller (Zoom-Zoom hat, shirt & key chain.)

Old Business:

  1. A volunteer was asked for to head up the Gala 15th Anniversary Party committee scheduled for next Jan/Feb and Dave Schumacher stepped up. Let’s hope that more people follow him on this adventure than to Charleston. 🙂

The meeting was adjourned and we returned to our cars warily eyeing the dark hued Pontiac Solstice that was in the lot amongst the Miatas.

Respectfully submitted:
Donna Bogardus
Club Secretary

Updated: Miatas for Breakfast – September 15, 2007

Location: McCormick United Methodist Church

McCormick, SC

Time: 7:00 – 9:00

We will depart from the gas station parking lot adjacent to I-20 Exit 1 in South Carolina (Martintown Rd. exit) around 7 a.m. Our PRESIDENT, John Nicholls, will lead a caravan of hungry Miata drivers and passengers to the GOLD RUSH DAYS FESTIVAL in beautiful McCormick, SC where our first order of business will be our monthly breakfast for only $5.00 each. This will be followed by a parade at 10:00 and art exhibits, music, and more food. Thanks to John for saving the “breakfast day” since both initial targets did not pan out for September, but will be available in coming months.

Breakfast Etiquette: Defer to Regulars, Sit Where We Fit, Order Breakfast, Tip Your Waitstaff

Event Coordinator (really) John Nicholls

September Meeting Minutes

Where: Vinny’s Pizza in North Augusta, SC
When: September 6, 2007
Who: Donna & Brian Bogardus, John Bowles, Kurt Breitinger, Gail & Miller Butler, John & Carol Haff, Jackie & John Nicholls, Dave & Autumn Schumacher, Patti & Rudy Wilmoth, and Dave Winkler.

Treasurer’s Report: $1,551.49


  1. We had guests and they were introduced around. First was our Bug Splat near attendee, Lonnie Best and a friend of his, Jacob Honda. Next was Charlotte Avant who later on stopped being a guest and became family when she and her husband joined the Club.
  2. Past events were reviewed:
    • The Bug Splat winners took a well deserved bow.
  3. Future events were previewed:
    • The September breakfast is on the 15th, the place is still TBA, so watch this space.
    • Dave Winkler’s Warner Robbins trip is this Saturday.
    • When Brian asked if any one planned on going to the Gap on the 21st the response was underwhelming.
    • October’s meeting will be at Mi Rancho in Aiken.
  4. The Low Country Club in Charleston is holding a regional event next May 1st thru 4th, Miatas Doin’ the Charleston. Dave Schumacher has volunteered to lead the drive down. They are limiting participation, so make your plans soon.
  5. September’s 50/50 raffle winners were Charlotte Avant ($10) and Carol Haff (an insulated Zoom-Zoom lunch sack.)

Respectfully submitted:
Donna Bogardus
Club Secretary

October Meeting

Place: Mi Rancho in Aiken – map

Mi Rancho is located at 3607 Richland Ave W right across the street from the Quality Inn. Come out and have dinner with some Miata enthusiasts. There will be a short meeting after entrée ordering to discuss, if there is any, old business and/or new business.

Event Coordinator: John Nicholls 803-278-6724