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November Meeting Minutes

Where: Rae’s Coastal Cafe in Augusta, GA
When: November 1, 2007
Who: Charlotte Avant, Bill & Bonnie Baugh, Donna & Brian Bogardus, John Bowles, Gail & Miller Butler, Jackie & John Nicholls, Dave Schumacher, Patti & Rudy Wilmoth and Dave, Bobbie & Sheri Winkler.

Treasurer’s Report: $1,595.49

We had several guests join us and they were introduced to the assembled Dave & Bobbie Winkler’s daughter Sheri was here. The last time we saw her was the last time we ate at Rae’s, coincidence, I don’t think so. Bruce & Amy Collins followed Brian & Donna over. They met in the Aiken Kroger parking lot on there Sunday grocery shopping trips. Bruce & Amy weren’t guests for long, after dinner they were apparently not repulsed by our behavior, so they wrote a check and joined. They have the Club’s first 3rd generation Miata (or MX-5) in the lovely shade of Stormy Blue and it is one of those power retractable hard tops to boot.


  1. Past events were reviewed:
    1. The Gold Rush Days event was fun, the accommodation’s were fantastic, but the roads were packed with others enjoying the Festivals too. A return trip to the are might be in order, but on a different, less crowded, weekend.
    2. The Elmcroft Senior Drive was well attended. We just enough “Miatas” to go with “senior” riders, so we did the big loop up and over Thurmond Dam and back.
  2. Future events were previewed:
    1. November’s breakfast will be at the “Under New Management” Track Kitchen in Aiken. After a test meal by Dave Schumacher to see that it meets the requirements (which can’t be printed here because they are Club trade secrets.)
    2. There was a low rumble about a wine tasting at Ft. Gordon the next Thursday, but I’m not sure anything materialized.
    3. To put a slight twist on the usual hum-drum Holiday Fete this year Gail has suggested going with an international theme. Chose a country to bring a food from, dress in traditional attire from the country, bring your $10 gift for the gift swap from that country, speak nothing but the language of that country – you get the idea. This is all strictly optional, pick one or two or do all of the above, the choice is yours. And of course if you would like to come as an southern American, that is OK too. Expect an email about a week before the party to arrange the food items so the hosts can make sure we all don’t bring Swahili Kuku Paka or Icelandic Steiktar Rjúpur.
    4. December’s meeting will precede the Christmas Party.
    5. Undaunted by the low attendance last year, the Nichols have threatened to lead another foray to see the Lights at Hopeland Gardens in Aiken this December. Kepp checking the web site for the details.
  3. November’s 50/50 raffle winners were Bonnie Baugh ($15) and David Schumacher (Zoom-Zoom lunch bag, travel mug & key chain.)

The meeting was adjourned and we exited into the dark hoping that we could find our breadcrumb trail back out to Walton Way.

Respectfully submitted:
Donna Bogardus
Club Secretary

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