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Warner Robins/Museum of Aviation Tour

This will be a one day out and back trip to the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, GA and
include lunch, a guided tour of the museum, roaming time, and an evening meal prior to returning

This will be an opportunity for all frustrated and want-a-be aviators to get up close to the real
flying machines. The Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, GA has a collection of vintage and historical aircraft that have been constructed or restored to pristine condition. There are more than 90 aircraft, from the early 1896 glider to the Mach 3 SR-71 . This facility is not an old hanger converted to a dusty hot warehouse for old dilapidated aircraft but a group of buildings designed from the ground up to be a first class place to showcase aircraft. Aircraft are on display inside as well as outdoors. The air-conditioned facilities also have displays of equipment and uniforms that show the evolution from crude to sophisticated items of the modern air force. You can see more details at the museum web site. Admission is free, however the tour is $2.50/person.

As of 7/29/07 three clubs are interested in participating: Peachtree Miata Club, Masters Miata
Club, and Middle Georgia Miata Club. If someone knows of another club interested in joining the
group, contact Dave Winkler the sponsor of the tour.
E-mail Dave Winkler with the following

Club name _________________________________________________
Participant name(s)__________________________________________
contact phone numbers)______________________________________
I have the following communications equipment:
Cell phone (numbers)_________________________________________
CB radio yes/no
FRS radio yes/no

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