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Gold Rush Days/Octoberfest Trip

Fancy a weekend getaway to the Georgia mountains this fall? The Nicholls and Butlers are planning on an event right up your alley – Gold Rush Days/Octoberfest Trip. Details can be found HERE. Check ’em out and let either couple know if you are planning on attending by the 8th of July.

Membership Drive Incentive

No it doesn’t involve driving, but it does involve an incentive. More members = more fun. The current member who recruits the most new members during the remainder of this year (before midnight 12/31/07) will receive a nice “ZOOM ZOOM” folding lawn chair. Get out, meet some new people, and recruit them! I’ll announce the winner at the Anniversary Dinner. Sincerely, John

Pool Party Snaps

Meeting Locations

Greetings Everyone. As my first action as President, I’m recommending a change to the way we select our meeting locations. I’m proposing a list of meeting places rotating among Augusta, North Augusta, and Aiken. You will note that the list includes a nice variety of styles and price ranges. I’m asking that members review the list and provide an alternate suggestion if any restaurant does not suit him or her, along with some reasoning. If we need to, we can discuss the topic at the meeting prior to the dubious meeting site. Please comment. Sincerely, John Nicholls
July, Aiken, Olive Oils
August, Augusta, Formosa II
September, N. Augusta, Vinneys
October, Aiken, Mi Rancho
November, Augusta, Kahlid’s
December, N. Augusta, Christmas Party
January, Aiken, Bobby’s
February, Augusta, Athena
March, N. Augusta, Cafe on the Corner
April, Aiken, Brewpub