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May Meeting

Mostly Miatas Under The Awning The President Tries To Hold A Meeting No One Wants To Be Nominated Sno-Cap Drive-In
Smome of the many Miatas that took up residence under the Sno-Cap’s awning.
The President tries to hold a business meeting while some people eat and others chat among themselves.
When nominations were asked for for next year’s Club officers, everyone looked at their feet.
As night approached we all got in our little zoom-zoom cars and went home.

[soapbox on]
We had a nice turn out for the meeting, most of the really active members were there, but when a call went out for people to lead the Club next year, all that was heard was the sound of traffic on West Ave. Everyone wants to be in the Club, but nobody wants to be in charge. Maybe it is time to go rouge – No Officers. We pick a place and time to hold the monthly meeting that is always the same, where we can gather and hash out what events we want to hold. Get any event info to me and I’ll put it on the website. While we are morphing, how about – No Dues? There is no paper newsletter anymore, so what are our expenses? We can just do anything needed ala carte. Take that big ol’ bank account and donate it to POS Racing a worthy charity.
[soapbox off]

2 comments to May Meeting

  • POSracingCFO

    Take that big ol’ bank account and donate it to POS Racing…..

    Hey, I love that….less money out of MY pocket!! The MMC would be acknowledged as an “official” sponsor, with placement of a sticker on POS for everyone to see. What more could you ask for?! Carol

  • John Nicholls

    It occurs to me that most of us pay our dues, enjoy the club activities, but don’t do our share when it comes time to elect officers. Brian, Rudy, Dave, Bonnie and Jackie (and I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone) are the exceptions. In order to correct this, I’m announcing my candidacy for either President or Treasurer (not both) and I’ll ask everyone else who has not held office recently to join me in filling the slate. John