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Updated: February Miatas for Breakfast

Date: Saturday, February 17th.

Assembly time: 6:30 a.m.

Assembly location: The Food Lion parking lot at S.C. Exit #5 of I-20. (Just north of the interchange on the west side.)

Departure time: 6:45 a.m. firm

We will take a brisk drive up US-25 and SC-121 to NEWBERRY, S.C. where we will arrive around 8 a.m. for breakfast at “Bill and Fran’s Restaurant” just NE of the SC-34 and I-26 interchange. Afterwards, we’ll return to picturesque Newberry, stroll the quaint downtown area and pound on the shop windows wishing they would open before the rumoured 10:30 a.m., by which time we’ll be back on the road returning via a slightly different route to the Aiken area.

The restaurant is CASH ONLY. Figure $10/person iincluding tip. This is the only place open for breakfast, they will be busy even by 8 a.m. This is where the “sit where we fit” and “defer to regulars” comes in.

In the event of completely uncooperative weather, I have a closer alternative, but the assembly point and time remains unchanged; we’ll decide once we’re ready to roll.

Please bring your CBs, tuned to channel 5. On the way there, we can chat about the sights. On the way back, we can poll for Rolaids.

We should be back to the I-20 area by noon at the latest.

Breakfast Etiquette: Order Breakfast, Sit Where We Fit, Tip your Waitstaff, Defer to “Regulars.”

Game Night Photos

Meeting Prep Nobody's Paying Attention Bingo Dominoes
President Rudy and Secretary Dave prepare to hold the monthly meeting.
But nobody is paying them any attention (which is not unusual.)
Miller called numbers while 3 couples played for fabulous door prizes.
Dominoes dominated the evening though.
Payday Sadie
Secretary Dave brought a game that he discovered in his attic, no one played it though as we had left our LSD at home.
Sadie napped, neatly camouflaged and unconcerned, on the couch.

January 2007 Meeting Minutes

or Masters’ Miata Calendar Mania.

We the meeting members: Brian & Donna Bogardus, John Bowles, Kurt Breitinger, Miller & Gail Butler, John & Carol Haff, John & Jackie Nicholls, David & Autumn Schumacher, Stacey & Cindy Timmerman, Rudy & Patti Wi1moth, and Dave Winkler met to hassle out the 2007 calendar.

As the group gathered, some discussed the fun we had the past year and also some new ideas for the new year. First on the list of business we finalized the details for the annual dinner. Brian suggested the club pay $ l 5 dollars towards each member’s dinner. After a short discussion, his suggestion was approved.

Dave, set up a large white board and we got started on the calendar. As you may note below there are some changes since last year and one or two new activities. The new calendar will be posted on the new web site and changes can be made as the days get closer to each event. Here is a brief outline of things to come.

See the Event Listings and Calendar to the left or click on the Event Category to see further out in the year.

The calendar for the year will gain the details for each event as the sponsor provides information. We will continue to have meetings at various restaurants in an effort to establish a standard spot for the three primary locations of our members, Aiken, North Augusta, and August Metro.

If members hear of other activities sponsored by other Miata clubs or just a fun outing for the group, post it on the web site to let the other members have an optional activity for that occasional spare free day to enjoy a top down drive.


Just a follow-up about our Meeting/Game Night this Saturday. We will provide paper plates, cups, napkins, ice, water, and lemonade…and of course the fridge has plenty of condiments if needed. Feel free to bring any new (or old) games you might want to introduce to the crowd. Hope to see ALL of you Sat. Gail & Miller

14th Anniversary Dinner

Attendees by couples: Bogardus, Baugh, Wilmoth, Butler, Simons, Winkler, Timmerman, Nicholls, and lastly John Haff without, sadly, Carol. The virus going around struck down the Schumakers who were planning on attending and we hope they are feeling better before this Saturdays meeting/game night at the Butlers.

Its nice to see everyone duded up in their finery once a year, not that everyone doesn’t look good the rest of the year, but not as good as for a special night–and we did look good!

Good too was the food. From my vantage point at one end of a looong table, the favorite choice was the fillet. I heard several comments on how well it was prepared just as ordered ie medium, well done etc.

The only complaint I heard re:food was the creme brule. There simply wasn’t enough of it! Impressive dish with a raised bottom so it looked like there was a lot. Our private room clanked with the sound of spoons hitting dish as everyone tried desperately to find more of the delicate custard, to no avail.

Conversations included Miller Butler’s pending retirement (20+ working days and counting) and the trips hopefully being planned as a result. The upcoming game night with Rudy looking for a Trivial Pursuit game more current than the one provided for the last game night. Either Rudy is too young to remember the 80’s or he had such a good time back then that he doesn’t remember it! Fess up Rudy, which is it? Also on the subject of memory was the male memory in general or rather the lack of it! We couldn’t decide if its that bad or whether its the listening part thats bad. Comments ladies? We also heard that Stacey and Cindy are expecting another grandchild in June and a wedding is also being planned by a son other than the expectant one. Hopefully the baby won’t come on Peach Parade Day as I fear we’d miss our trusted Parade leader. Past President Dave broke a tooth on the first course and maybe the first bite! Hopefully that wasn’t a commentary on the food, but rather just coincidence and that he’s been able to get in to the dentist this week. Bobbie is busy at the tax office, but not so busy that she will miss the games–now that she knows about it. Seems Dave has been a little lax in keeping her informed. Shame! Shame!

Thats the news from my end of the table. What happened at the other end?