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Email from the Founder

Hi All,

Ran across your web page and was surprised to see the Masters Miata Club that my wife and I started back in the early 90’s was still going strong.

At this time for us sports cars are a thing of the past and you know with age comes the need for a little more comfort. As for myself, I drive a H3 Hummer and Bianca after 13 years of enjoyment and sadness sold her 93′ Black and Red classic that had close to 200k miles about 3 months ago and decided to change to a Lexus SUV. She hasn’t said if she misses it or not but, I think some times she misses the wind blowing through her hair on nice warm days.

We’re glad the club is still going strong and the love for the small roadster is still alive.

Keep the joy alive.

Jerry Godbee

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