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Go Bears

Thought I would try out this great new website and also get my Bravo in for the Bears! Hope everyone enjoyed the game as much as we did. Now I have to talk Rudy into a Bears decal for the Miata!! GO BEARS!

December Meeting Notes

The December 7 PM meeting started at 7:32 when Rudy asked the 16 assembled members for any old business. We were reminded that the light tour was canceled since Brian, the sponsor, had lost his father and will be devoted to his family during the holidays.

We had two items of new business, the anniversary dinner and the January planning meeting. The dinner will be January 27 at the Partridge Inn. Jackie will first up the availability and the details. We should have things nailed down by our planning meeting th on the 1 1 . We chose Fire Mountain, in the small room, as a good location since the food is continuously available as we hash out our 2007 calendar. All members are asked to bring their ideas, opinions, and preferred activities to the attention all assembled. There are some previous trips and activities we have not done in the last few years and the repeat would add spice to our 2007 calendar.

Prior to closing, we noticed Rudy’s sparkling ring finger. Rudy and Patti were prodded into revealing the details of their trip to Las Vegas. They were married November 5 in a private wedding chapel. No, Elvis did not sing at their service, but they do have pictures and a short video. Maybe we’ll “see” what happened at a future meeting. Who ever has a big screen TV could host pot luck and we could watch the video. Formal dress would be optional.

We adjourned the meeting, had a wonderful meal, and sat down to exchange gifts. There were several surprises this year. The gifts were not all for the guys. We had gifts for the ladies as well as the gentlemen. We had a good “Exchange” of gifts among friends. All went home with something. The party was a success

Miatas at Mrytle Beach

Got this email today:

I am Fred Alley the event coordiantor for Miatas at Myrtle Beach. We will have this event at Myrtle Beach from March 29 thru April 1, 2007. So far we have 18 clubs registered along with slighlty over 100 early individual registrations. Check out the thread on the Miata.net under Southeastern forum. We have special room rates from the Sea Mist Resort, plus vendors coming. Miata Clubs already signed up are from Tennessee, SC, NC, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida. WE would like to see your members come down and have some good Miata Fun. Check out the threads on Miata Net and see what your club thinks.

Fred Alley
Event Coordinator

See here for some more info: Miata Forum Thread and Event Web Site

New Monthly Event – “Miatas for Breakfast”

Starting in February, we’ll take the 3rd Saturday of every month thru November and meet for an early-morning breakfast somewhere around the C.S.R.A. Sometimes there’ll be a drive afterward. Othertimes, we’ll segue into another event for the day. We’ll try to find those great Mom ‘n’ Pop places (suggestions welcomed and encouraged). It’s just a chance to meet up mid-month and socialize. We go early to beat the crowds and get out and about on a Saturday.

Event Coordinator: David Schumacher (706) 737-4816
Breakfast Etiquette: Order Breakfast, Sit Where We Fit, Tip your Waitstaff, Defer to “Regulars.”

Holiday Party

A great time was had by all at Miller Butler’s and Gail Shaw Butler’s home for the annual MMC Holiday Party, site of the 14-foot Christmas Tree! Here are some pics from that festive evening!