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Welcome to the Masters Miata Club. We are a group of local Miata enthusiasts encompassing the 13-county Central Savannah River Area.

We meet each month on the first Thursday for dinner and a short meeting; also on the third Saturday for a drive and, either before or after, for breakfast. So you can see our motto of, “Drive eat, drive eat’, fits us well. We are all of different backgrounds and age, so you will find a fit – but it’s all about the car. The Mazda Miata (Mx-5) introduced in 1989, has become the most popular roadster in history with over a million built. Larry Garner, one of our past presidents, often refers to it as “the most fun-per-dollar car you can drive.” We also plan trips as a group, often finding the type roads the Miata was designed for – you know, those “Curves Ahead” signs. Many other events are scheduled (like tech-day for minor to-do’s and the Bug-Splat) during the year and some may pop-up as the weather permits. We’re always looking for a new place to enjoy a topless drive.

The only requirements for membership are that you are a current or former owner of at least one Miata, and pay your annual dues. Yes, many of our members own two and more. Go to the JOIN link, print and fill out the form; then bring it to the next meeting you can attend. Scheduling will vary depending on when Holiday’s fall, so be sure to check.

While you’re here, take a little time to browse around our web-site: check the CALENDAR for next/future meeting’s and events, the BLOG for you never know what you might find (Miata related of course) and if you just want more information the CONTACT US link.

Hope to see you and your Miata at a meeting soon.

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Tom Varallo
Masters Miata Club President

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